Simplifying your Photography: Going Back to your Roots and Why You Fell in Love with Photography

Professional photographers go through a phase when all they think about is how to take great photographs for their clients. Professionally speaking this is not worrisome; in fact, it is a sign of true professionalism. However, this signals warning signs for any photographer to at least take some time off and go out of their stressful professional world and indulge in a day or two each week, to just go out and rediscover the city and take photographs for yourself and not worry anything about taking a picture for your clients.

This is how one would put it as simplifying things. Go back to your roots and relive how you fell in love with photography. It is a healthy undertaking to experience the time you were just starting out when each time you click on your camera shutter you are not thinking about the monetary rewards, rather personal happiness of seeing an amazing image you composed with your camera.


Taking a vacation will help you recharge and go back to your roots as a photographer. A few days or even a week away from clients will help you re-introduce yourself to your passion. It will be a few days between you and your camera and nobody else. No concept to think about and no pressures at all. Discover every nook and cranny of a new city and try to capture it with your camera; this will further re-assert yourself in the true meaning of your passion for photography, which is documenting new discoveries, literally, physically and figuratively.


Another option is to visit family members and close friends. Grab your equipment and head out on the road. Visit each household and indulge in healthy conversations especially with special people you have not seen for quite a while. Then take portrait photographs of them, not as clients but as a family, friend and special someone. Trust me; you will see an entirely different result as you are now driven to shoot a portrait image of individuals who are part of your life and not just mere photography clients. Shooting in black and white or colored images against makeshift background settings and ordinary household props, anything just to make the image interesting will do.


Simplifying things the way you used to take photographs, of your friends, your neighbourhood and the places you travel to will bring out a new found zest for that burnout soul of yours. Soon you will see clients from a different perspective with fresh ideas and concepts. Going back to your humble beginnings as a photographer somehow recharges your energy and will revive your interest in photography. It will burn another candle that will lit up your creative juices to pursue and advance further in your photography career.

So, next time you feel burnout, stressed and overworked from too much photography jobs that you feel like your passion for photography is slowly slipping away from you. Go back to your roots and simplify things as you re-experience again what made you fell in love with shooting moving images and documenting it in a single snapshot.

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