Newborn Photography Tips for Cute Baby Photos

Newborn babies are adorable creatures and their photos touch our hearts, yet taking little baby photos is very challenging. Our newborn photography tips can help you shoot amazing pictures of little babies and prepare your studio and camera for the little ones.

While you do not have much control over babies at this age, you can set up the environment around them and make sure that their parents are preparing them for the photo session. Following are some newborn photography tips that can help you shoot professional photos of babies.

newborn photography tips
Prepare your studio and little client for the photo session.

Prepare your studio

The best shooting time for newborns is when they are asleep, as that is when you have the best control to position them in the poses you need in front of the camera.  Therefore, you need to make the environment around them suitable for a comfortable sleep. For example, you can warm the studio up a little bit or play some music. You can also ask the parents about the best environment that helps their baby to sleep. For instance, many babies like to go into a deep sleep after being fed.

Prepare your little client

After the little creature gets into a comfortable sleeping mood, you can start preparing him or her for the shots.  A useful piece of equipment that can help you put the baby in the desired position is a beanbag and Boppy pillow.

If you have a scene in mind, you should have the elements such as baskets, hats, and blankets at hand. The newborn will not wait for you to arrange your scene, so you need to be prepared and fast to have everything ready for your next shot and then wait for the best moment to press the camera shutter.

Choose your angle

In our previous newborn photography tips, we have learnt how to prepare the baby and the environment around him or her for the shot. Now, it is time to choose the best shooting angle as babies are always moving and it is hard to get the perfect shot.

newborn photography tips
Try different angles and poses for the baby.

After preparing the scene, you need to choose the best angles for the shots.  It is a little bit tricky because you need to choose the best angle to photograph this little sleeping creature. Generally, you need to lower the camera to the newborn’s level so you can get a better angle and view of the baby’s face and position. Subsequently, you need to use a wide focal length to give more focus to the face.

On the other hand, you can try putting the baby in other positions to get a good angle, such as the nursing position when someone is holding the baby gently in his or her arms.

Use indirect light

Light can scare newborns and makes them uncomfortable during the photo session. So using indirect light or global light instead of a direct light or flash is one of the most important newborn photography tips to consider.  For example, you can rely on soft boxes and reflectors to create a smooth light and shades over the baby’s face and body.

Use macro lenses

As your model is very small and cute, you are more likely to use macro lens in order to reach the zoom level that allows you to take close-up photos of the face and the tiny hands and feet.

A macro lens will help you zoom on the baby without having to go too close to him or her and scare them. Instead, you will be able to take macro shots while standing at a comfortable distance from the baby.

Consider black and white

If you are a lover of black and white photos like me, you will surely understand how black and white can give a dramatic look and feel to your photography. Most photographers take their photos in full color and convert them to black and white while post-processing the camera Raw file of the image.

newborn photography tips
Consider taking black and white photos.

Post-processing image editing

Newborn babies may not look as perfect as you can see in the breath-taking baby photos out there. They may arrive at your studio with milk spills on their clothes or little scratches. Therefore, you need to consider fixing these small issues in the post-processing stage. The new camera Raw in Adobe Photoshop CC gives you extended options to fix your photos directly when you open the Raw file. Also, you can use the Content-Aware tools to fix these issues very accurately and professionally.

In sum, the newborn photography tips we explored above can help you avoid many of the unexpected issues and mistakes that many photographers fall in when taking baby photos. Considering these tips can be a good idea in order to take good shots at the first attempt instead of multiple tries.

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