Must-Have iPhone Apps for Photographers

iPhone apps for photographers are tools that you can download on your own iPhone mobile device to extend its photographing capabilities, and give it more options similar to the ones on professional digital cameras. Actually, the good camera and flash features of the iPhone helped it to be one of the best shooting tools for many photographers after their favorite DSLR cameras.

Although the iPhone’s camera cannot compete with professional digital cameras, many amateur and professional photographers like to use it for taking test shots, and many are using it as their main photography tool, which is known as iphonography.

There are an enormous number of iPhone apps for photographers in the Apple Appstore that you can download either for free or at a cheap cost. These apps vary based on their options and features that they can add to your iPhone device. Some iPhone apps for photographers focus on photo editing and applying modifications on the pictures, and others help you share the photos with your friends either online, or among devices through a WiFi connection.

Another type of iPhone apps for photographers changes how the mobile device acts and uses its hardware to help you when shooting photos. For example, Magic Shutter modifies the shutter speed of the camera to create effects, such as a light trail and motion blur.

In this article, we will review some of the must-have iPhone apps for photographers. Feel free to share your favorite apps with us, and why you think they are helpful. You may like to check other photography resources such as 25 Useful Photoshop Actions for Photographers

Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPhone (price: $4.99 – size: 32.2 MB)

Adobe Photoshop is the best companion to any photographer, and is commonly used in photo editing and photography post-processing.  The iPhone version is actually a minimized copy of Photoshop that supports layers, adjustments, filters, and selection tools. Also, Photoshop Touch lets you add text to the images, apply All strokes, add shadows, transparency, and more.

If you are a member of Adobe Creative Cloud, you can sync your work with different devices and your computer using the Adobe cloud storage. The free cloud membership provides 2 GB of storage. But even if you are not a member of Creative Cloud, you can still share your work with others GeNErAL via email.

photoshop iphone apps for photographers

PowerCam (price: $0.99 – 31.2 MB)

PowerCam is one of the cool iPhone apps for photographers,  which  allows you to add many effects in a real-time preview. You can choose from more than 60 different effects, such as vintage, retro, and sketch.

You can use PowerCam to create panorama images, tilt shift photography, and collage.  Also, you can share your photos through Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Flickr, and more.

powercam iphone app

Magic Shutter (£1.99 – 3.0 MB)

This is one of the iPhone apps for photographers that help you control the shutter speed and apply slow shutter effects, use different exposure and flash mode settings,  edit your photos, and modify the colors of photos. Also, it supports sharing the photos with your friends.

magic shutter iphone app for photographers

PhotoSync (price: $1.99 – size: 14.5 MB)

Do you have chicagobearsjerseyspop a problem syncing your photos with different devices? PhotoSync is one of the iPhone apps for photographers that allow wireless transfer images and video between your different devices and storage websites, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Also, you can use it to share photos on different websites, such as Facebook, 500px, Flickr, and more.

photosync iphone app

Camera Awesome (price: Free – size: 48.9 MB)

One of the very useful apps for any photographer, as it includes different commonly used features, and has very good testimonials from TIME, ReadWriteWeb, and more. It allows you to do the following:

  • Set a composition guide for your shot.
  • Apply effects to the shot and choose from many effects.
  • Set the camera Year! focus on a specific object in the scene.
  • Edit and modify image color, transform, and crop.
  • Select the shooting mode, such as slow motion, fast motion, and steady shots.
  • Share photos through your social network accounts.

The good news is that this photography app is free of charge.

camera awesome

Adobe Photoshop Express (price: Free- size: 35.9 MB)

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free version of Adobe Photoshop Touch that helps you make basic modifications on the images, such as cropping, rotation, and flipping. You can also use it to modify the colors of the image and add effects to it, such as borders, vignette blur, and warm vintage. Also, you can use it to share your photos with your friends and clients.

photoshop iphone apps for photographers

Camera+ (price: $0.99 – size: 23.9 MB)

Camera+ is one of the most famous iPhone apps for photographers and it has hit 10 million sales. It gives you all you need to shoot  your photo and apply effects to it. Camera+ provides a high quality zoom and Know steady shots, and lets you apply effects to the image and share it with your friends.

camera plus iphone app for photographers

Noir Photo (price: $2.99 – size: 8.1)

One of the unique iPhone apps for photographers that give you extended capability to create dramatic light effects on the images. You can use it to create cinematic black and white, apply tint color, and more.

noir photography app

Filterstorm (price: $3.99 – size: 10.3)

Filterstorm is another useful and easy to use application that lets you edit photos similar to Photoshop Touch. This iPhone app supports up to 5 layers and lets you apply masks to specific parts of the image and apply brushes, gradient, color effects and more.

filterstorm iphone app

500px (price: Free – size: 16.4)

If you are a fan of 500px, this iPhone app is for you. You can use it to manage your 500px profile, explore other photographs and interact with 500px.

500px iphone app for photographers

iPhoto (price: SADE $4.99 – size: 151 MB)

iPhoto is one of the most commonly used iPhone apps for photographers, and you can find most of Apple users are familiar with it. This app lets you browse photos, edit them, and share them with your friends.

The iPhone apps for photographers above are part of a huge collection of apps that you can find in the Apple Appstore. Some of the apps above are compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices.

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  1. This article in incomplete, in regards to Adobe Photoshop Touch. You do get 2 GB free cloud storage with a free account and everyone is eligible for a free account, providing they have a free Adobe ID. Anyone can get an Adobe ID. With a paid Creative Cloud subscription, you get 20 GB free cloud storage.

    1. Hi Sally,
      Thank you for your comments. I will consider writing a separate article about the Adobe Creative Cloud as many people confuse about its price and features. Good suggestion 😉

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