Inspirational Portrait Photography Examples

Portrait photography is the most interesting yet challenging photography type. Many people take interest in seeing portrait photography examples because they like to explore facial expressions from different angles and cultures.

There are many factors that can affect your portrait photography shots, such as the composition and lighting. If you manage to control all these elements, you are more likely to get a good shot of your model. While watching portrait photography examples can give you new ideas for shots, there are some tips that you should consider while taking portrait photographs, such as:

Using a wide angle lens will help you focus on the faces of people in your image and creates a dramatic effect, especially with a shallow depth of field. You can learn more about the depth of field in our article on Understanding Camera Exposure.

Put your model’s face in a frame. In order to put the most of the focus on the model’s face, you need to frame the portrait with the surrounding elements in the shot.

The background plays an essential role in your shot as you can see from the portrait photography examples below. The background should help you to make the shape and expressions of the face clearer. For example, you can choose a background with a solid color that can contrast the face and give the shot a more minimal look.

Try different angles and explore how the model’s face will look from different views. You can also rearrange your composition to get the best results in your shots.You can also learn different poses from portrait photography examples done by other photographers.

Your shot should tell a story or focus on the facial expression. What makes your shot valuable and interesting is the story behind it or the facial expressions of the model.

These are some of the tips that can help you with portrait photography, and we will discuss more tips in a next article. Today, we have some Inspirational Portrait Photography Examples that can help you explore new and creative ideas when taking your next portrait shots.

portrait photography
Photo by Zivko Risteski
End of the pier Millie
Photo by Paul Anthony Wilson
Photo by Vahid Babaei
portrait photography
Photo by Rolland Flinta
Photo by Sebastian Luczywo
portrait photography
Photo by Lifeware
Apple season
Photo by Tatyana Tomsickova
portrait photography
Photo by Robert Maschke
Photo by by Jam Adams
portrait photography
Photo by lasse grundell
Photo by Pretty As A Picture
portrait photography
Photo by by Magdalena Berny
Elliana's Portrait
Photo by Justin Harris
portrait photography
Photo by Saleh Sobhdel
Light Reading
Photo by Ryan Pendleton
Photo by Carlos Duarte
Photo by Sebastian Luczywo
portrait photography
Photo by Petko Petkov

The above showcase shows portrait photography examples with different styles such as colorful photos, black and white, and fine art photographs. Share with us your ideas about these photos and do you think it can help you shoot better portrait pictures?

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