Creative Ways to Shoot Winter Photos

Winter is often despised by many people including photographers. The cold becomes too much it dampens the outdoor spirit. However, if seen at a different perspective, winter really can offer a great creative opportunity to capture amazing photographs due to its unique traits such as light, snow and the overall dramatic texture and color of all subjects it envelops within. A photographer who knows about this always produces stunning landscape and portrait photographs during the winter season. Here is a few ways on how to become creative in shooting during winter days.

 Take Full Advantage of the Color in winter

Many come to view winter as a colorless, stark and dull season of the year, but the interesting colors can be seen in the most improbable spots. Like how the ice takes on the color of its environment, reflecting blue skies, sunsets and well-groomed branches. Lichens seen on shoreline boulders can enhance a gurgle of orange or green to a scenic wintery landscape.

winter photos

Snow Amplifies

Snow may sometimes give our daily lives a red light. But, when it comes to photography, snow simplifies landscape images by covering up the intricacy of vegetation. We’d usually ignore a photograph of a bird in a jumble of bare branches; the scene is basically too complex. But a layer of snow can make the exact image more magical. Try shooting early after fresh snow falls before the warmth or wind make the branches unadorned.

Aurora Borealis

The northern lights also occurs during other seasons, however this phenomenon is more visible during the winter when the nights are longer. Shooting this produces stunning results especially when taken against an interesting subject like a distant lighthouse or silhouette of other elements. Capturing images with a setting of 400 ISO to 800 and an f-5.6 stop with a 10 second shutter speed is a great start.

aurora photos

Birds Fly

Birds loves winter and it also makes them a great subject for winter photography. Snowy and gray owls, northern hawks, eagles and other species like to fly in a massive flock during winter. As many as 5,000 birds fly in unison across the scenic sky during winter. Be always on the lookout for these amazing photograph subjects come winter season.

Carcass as Subjects

It may sound gore, but carcass sitting can be the definite way of snapping elusive mammals during winter. Road-killed deer hauled into the forests can entice starving critters, including red fox, coyote, timber wolf, pine marten, long-tailed weasel, fisher and bobcat. Set up a blind a short distance away and start just before sunrise.

winter photos


White color is expected of snow covered season and usually the best shades that compliments it is either pure black or gray. With today’s photo printing technology, accurate renditions of black and white photographs can be achieved. A lot of subjects photographed during winter produce stunning imagery of cloudscapes, landscapes, melting ice and snow laden branches of trees. When taken in black in white, it adds more drama and character to these images.

There goes a short list of how to become creative in photographing during winter season. Do not let the cold and the snow dampens your spirit, instead use it to your advantage by using the surrounding snowcapped landscape as your playground in producing stunning images.


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