Birds brush

Free Photoshop Brushes for Photographers

One of the intelligent features in Adobe Photoshop is that you can always load it extras to improve your work such as the Photoshop brushes, color swatches, actions and gradient presets. You can easily search for free Photoshop brushes to download and install into your application and start using it. As mentioned earlier while talking about Lightroom tutorials, Adobe Photoshop …

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Lightroom tutorial websites

Free Lightroom Tutorials and Resources: 5 Great Websites to Learn From it

Many photographers are now depending on Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to post-process their photographs especially when the project includes large number of photos. Although the free Lightroom tutorials and resources are still few on the Internet, it is undeniable that Adobe Lightroom can help photographers not only in the image editing process, but also in processing their images and organize …

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Free Photoshop Actions for Photographers

There is no doubt that Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are one of the key applications for every photographer to do image editing and post-production modifications for the taken shots. However, applying the same modification to multiple photos with the same accuracy can be such a hard process and time consuming task. Thus, many Photoshop users relay on the paid and free Photoshop …

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free lightroom presets

20 Free Lightroom Presets to Improve Your Photos

In the professional world, it is better to work smarter than harder, many digital tools and features enable photographers to apply image effects more efficient than using the manual methods such as Adobe Lightroom presets and Photoshop Actions. Many photographers are moving to use Adobe Lightroom because it is more focused in the image editing unlike Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, it …

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compact cameras

The Best Pocket Cameras Recommended by Professional Photographers

2014 is the year when many photographers are expected to switch to pocket cameras from the bulky DSLR. The question remains though, whether these compact cameras that fits the pocket and easily handled can compete with the quality of pictures produced by DSLR? From our research and survey on a number of professional photographers, we have come up with these …

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online photography courses

Online Photography Courses that you can Choose From

Leaning photography today has become more prompt and convenient, with the advent of online photography courses, amateur photographers now have a myriad of choices to select from. They can easily decide as to which course can best fit their aspired photography styles; there are many online photography degrees that can be earned while studying at the comforts of your home. …

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iPhone Apps for Photographers

Must-Have iPhone Apps for Photographers

iPhone apps for photographers are tools that you can download on your own iPhone mobile device to extend its photographing capabilities, and give it more options similar to the ones on professional digital cameras. Actually, the good camera and flash features of the iPhone helped it to be one of the best shooting tools for many photographers after their favorite …

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