photography price

How to Put the Right Price to your Photography Skills and Become Profitable

A perfect world for a photographer is where clients are willing to pay whatever the amount a photographer charges, given if the quality of work is splendid. But a photographer’s career is not filled with rainbows and dancing unicorns, its real life and clients can become the most difficult types of people to deal with. In order not to short …

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Entering Competitions as a Tool for Photography Marketing

The advent of digital photography has literally created a new generation of photographers and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the legitimate from the photographer “wannabees”. That’s why photographers are entertaining new methods of marketing their skills through social media and a unique portfolio. However, sometimes even the best needs a break to come out of anonymity and become well known. …

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Tips for Photography Marketing Using Pinterest

Social media has become a leading tool for photographers to showcase their works. Pinterest is no different, if used properly it can be a good launching pad for photographers to get known and expand their network within the photography industry and circle. Pinterest have captured the attention of the photography community. It features a board concept where photographers can easily …

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google plus marketing

Google Plus Marketing Tips For Photography

Google + is always overlooked when it comes to social media marketing, however upon closer look it is teeming with rich features and advantages when it comes to promoting and advertising your portfolio, especially with photographers Google + seems to be a very powerful marketing tool. Google + lets you easily connect with other individuals who share the same interest …

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Photography Profile Ideas – How To Make Your Website More Attractive

There are no better ways to make your photo website more attractive other than uploading beautiful, high quality photographs. However, when it comes to gaining a wide audience, it pays to have laid down the exact science of maintaining a photography website, in order to ensure a steady stream of visitors each day. This will also provide you with enough …

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photography marketing

How to Market Your Photoshop Using Instagram

Social media has now become a major marketing tool for products and services such as photography. One can easily take advantage of social media to further advance word of online reputation of your photography career. By posting images on your social media sites such as Instagram, this provides additional exposure for you and opportunity for new viewers to come across …

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facebook photography page

Social Media Marketing – Your Facebook Photography Page

Facebook being one of the most prominent social media sites is a really excellent place to boost your business potentials. This also holds true for photographers who are trying to get more attention and are building up their reputation in making money online. Compared to other social media sites, you can have your photography page at Facebook and have all …

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model release form

What Is Model Release Form And When Do You Need It?

You may have often come across the term model release form. If you’re a budding professional photographer, this term is more relevant for you. This is because professional photographers, especially those who shoot portraits and street photography for commercial purposes, need to know the legal aspects of using such pictures without the specific and signed consent of the people featuring …

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photography pricing

Useful Tips for Photography Pricing

Many talented photographers, especially those who are new to the business, have the same question about photography pricing and how to set the price for photo sessions? Although professional photographers find their way to answer this question, some of them set their prices too high or even too low. Thus, it is very important to consider this question before your …

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photography marketing ideas

10 Best Photography Marketing Ideas (Part1)

Both professional and amateur photographers are looking for photography marketing ideas to help them either to expand their business or start selling their photographs and photography services on the online or the local market. Similar to other talented artists, many photographers have the talent that can help them excel in their business, but they do not always find the best …

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