Black and White Photography: Fan Ho’s Negative Compositions

Black and white photography has a special taste as it lets you focus on the composition away from the colors distraction (Black and White Photography Tips). One of the leading photographers in this field is Fan Ho, an award-winning photographer that has been taking black and white street photography since 1950s.

Fan Ho used to live in a Hong Kong watching the street live that drive him to take his camera and start documenting the activities around him in black and white photos.

In 2011, Fan Ho took a look back to his negatives taken in the 50’s and 60’s and never printed. Ho sandwiched the negatives and scanned the resulted composition and cleared it in Adobe Photoshop.

The results for the project were fascinating the images are printed in 16×20 inch paper and matted 22×28 inch.The artwork is sold in his studio for $950 USD.

The black and white photography project is just of many projects that Fan Ho created during his fruit able life that is full of achievements and acknowledgement for his talent as a photographer.

Fan Ho won 280 awards from international exhibitions an competitions since 1956 and has been chosen as a fellow for many photographic societies such as the Photographic Society in America and the Royal Photographic Society.

Fan Ho is a visiting professor in 12 universities and has written five books, each one of them include award-winning prints that are currently collection at the Museum of Modern Art.

The below examples show his negative composition black and white photography and you can learn more about the project in his website.

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fan ho photos
The Lonely Conductor 2011
black and white photos
Mirror Lake 2011
black and white photography
Life Above All 2011
fan ho photos
Impression of Old Hong Kong 2011
fan ho photos
An Early Morning 2011
fan ho photos
Twins Alley 2011
fan ho photos
The Climbs 2011
fan ho photographs
Shattered Alley 2011
black and white photography
Big and Small 2011
black and white photos
Hong Kong Venice 2011

All the photos in this article is photographed by Ho Fan courtesy of Modernbook Gallery. If you a fan of black and white photography, you can also check the following articles:

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