The Best Android Apps for Photographers

Mobile phones in the market today are now laden cameras which are already capable of producing decent photographs.

These make it easier to snap everyday scenes straight out of your pocket using your mobile phones without having to use your digital cameras.

It is therefore important to take full advantage of these camera features by also using top notch photography applications.

Here are some of the highest ranking and highly recommended shooting apps for Android phones.

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Camera360 Ultimate

Used by more than 150 million people all over the world, the popularity of Camera360 is well founded and backed up by its cool features. It offers a great list of filters that you can use after taking a picture.

Camera360 features more than eight styles: Sony camera mode, self-portrait, effects mode, quick-shoot mode, tilt-shift mode, funny mode, tilt-shift mode, color-shift mode, audio camera, and others. The Sony camera mode lets users trigger the features that are precisely custom-made to the Sony QX Cyber-shot Lenses, wireless lenses that can be attach to a Sony phone. The portrait mode helps the subject of the image look better all the time.

Android apps for photographers


A sleek photography app with amazing features and beautiful effects, VSCO will get you hooked on it in an instant. Aside from a wonderful community of users, it has cool features and great presets and a myriad selection of filters. Many agree that it could very well be the best mobile application in the filter market, even better than Instagram. The grid scheme which permits you to publish your images is sleek and user friendly. It became an Android app only recently, after debuting as an iPhone app, so it’s not flawless yet. Features like focus locking and separate exposure are not yet bundled. The included features are simple and work very well.


GIF Camera

GIF Camera is a fun Android app which makes creating animated GIF files very easy and more convenient with the use of mobile phones. This mobile app operates very similar to Vine but using GIFs. Basically, you will only set the frame rate and afterward can start taking images to sequence as a GIF or you can choose photos from your image library and add it together into a GIF. A category named “Funny Gifs,” shows you some of the more comical GIFs that have been created.

Android apps for photographers

ProCapture Free

To those who prefer shooting with real cameras over their phone, ProCapture can make you think otherwise. Designed to emulate the appearance of a DSLR screen, users can see a histogram that shows the photo exposure you are shooting with. Rich features such as the image lock focus, panoramic, multiple focus, various scene modes, and the Fibonacci or Grid spiral compositions choices provides an overall decent functions of this android app. The Fibonacci spiral is an explicit asymmetrical grid which guides the user where the focus point of the photograph will be. Using the “reduce noise” mode allow users to take two photographs and combine them together, therefore producing the best quality elements of each.

Android apps for photographers

Camera MX

Some of the today’s photography android apps that are designed for shooting have an inclination to focus on the basic adjustments and after-effects that are real-time. Camera MX can very well be the most deserving to belong in the “apps for shooting” category. Users will enjoy features such as the more than 20 real-time effects that are all changeable. Users can even combine these effects to achieve a more interesting and unique images. Camera MX also has a built-in self-timer, which is ideal for group photos and self-portraits.

Android apps for photographers

These are the topnotch Android apps for shooting photographs, try to use one or all of these in order to consistently produce amazing photographs, even when you’re stuck in using mobile phones over your digital cameras.

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  1. “Camera MX” is really good. Super crisp pictures, combined with the camera on this S3 I get better pictures on here than on my canon camera. This is truly amazing and a must have app for all Android users….certainly the best Camera App.

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