How to Create Photoshop Action to Automate Adding Watermark for Your Photographs

Photography watermarks give a visual identity for the photography owner’s copyright, yet many of the photographers find it hard to add a watermark to their images specially when they need to copyright large number of images.

Instead of spending hours in opening file and adding the copyright text or image to it, you can simply create a Photoshop action.

The actions are a record for a number of steps that Adobe Photoshop saves and then you can apply it for later images with simple button click. Adobe Photoshop applies the recorded steps with the same values and properties.

In this quick tutorial, we will learn how to use Photoshop actions to automate adding watermark to a photograph or number of photographs in a folder. Below we start, check our previous tutorials:

Step 1

Open one photo in Photoshop. Make sure to open a photo with your commonly used size. This size will be a reference for Photoshop to add the future watermarks.

photoshop actions

Step 2

Open the Actions panel and click Create New Action icon on the bottom of the panel. If the panel is hidden, you can display it by choosing it from the Windows menu.

photoshop watermark

Step 3

The Create New Action dialog box appears to let you choose the Action name and guide color and shortcut. In this tutorial, set the action name to Copyrights. Press Record.

<img class="aligncenter" alt="photoshop watermark" src="http://www.photographytuts Read Full” width=”600″ height=”408″ />

Step 4

Now your steps are recorded. First, select the Text tool from the tools panel. Click once on the stage to write your copyright text. In this example, I used, “All rights reserved”

photography actions

Step 5

Select the Move tool to exit the text-editing mode. Position the text where you want in the file. Select the text layer from the layers panel and set its opacity to 35%.

photography actions

Step 6

From the Layers panel context menu (you can find it by clicking the small icon on the top right of the Layers panel), choose Merge Down to merge the layers.

photography actions

Step 7

From the Actions panel, click the Stop Recording button from the bottom panel.

photography actions

Step 8

Close the current document without saving.

photography actions

At this stage we created the Photoshop action that can be applied to any image by opening the image, select the action, and click Play Selection from the Actions panel. If you like to apply the action to bulk number of images, you need to use the Batch command as following:

Step 9

Make sure that no image is opened in Photoshop. From the File menu, choose Automate> Batch

photoshop actions

Step 10

The Batch dialog box appears. From the Actions drop-down list, choose the Copyrights action.

Select the images folder you would to apply the action to it. From the Destination drop-down list, choose Save and Close. Click Ok to start applying the action.

photoshop actions


In some JPG images, the JPG Options dialog box may appear while applying the action to lets you set the quality for the saved images.


You can apply the above steps using your own copyright text and custom place. Also, you can follow these steps to create actions for your daily repeated jobs on Photoshop. Do not forget to join our mailing list to get weekly updates about our new tutorials or RSS feed for daily feed update via email.

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