photographing libraries

Photographing Museums and Libraries

Surrounded by four corners of solid walls of museums, galleries and libraries, objects of astonishing work of arts and literary works can be found. Archeology artifacts, paintings and photography exhibits for museums and galleries while reading materials penned by the best wordsmith of our time and history’s past are displayed on the shelves of libraries. As admiring viewers of these …

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food photography ideas

Food Photography Ideas: You Wouldn’t Think About Food Photos the Same Way Again

“Her ability to transform ordinary materials into complex and unexpected visual experiences has been utilized to develop concepts for clients from the fields of culture and business in several countries. “ This Sarah Illenberger is quirky! You wouldn’t look at fruits and veggies the same way again as you smile and heartily feel fascinated with these food photos from her. With …

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portrait photos

How to Take Portrait Photos for Old People

Old people seem to project a different effect on photographs compared to portraits of younger people. Their appearances are just beaming with details and characters, the lines on their faces convey a sense of mystery and countless untold interesting stories. Portraits of old people surely can’t be dismissed and what better way to document many decades of living than capturing …

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fascinating photos

Fascinating Photos of Daily Objects that Look Like Drawings

“Challenging the assumptions that define and limit our experience, my work investigates how information can infiltrate our consciousness, occupy our memory and influence our understanding of the world we live in.” Sometimes, it takes something so creative to let us see ordinary things differently. Cynthia Grieg has a special touch for that. While hunting online, her series which showcases fascinating photos of …

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Treat to Your Heart – Animal Photos showing Special Friendships

It can’t be denied that some people still consider animals as creatures without feelings or sense. I grew up with farm animals so my fondness for animal-friends bloomed when I was just around 4. Animal photography and wildlife photography have been making waves online. Now this one’s a heart treat! These images of animal friendships only show that animals have …

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photograph cars

Creative Ways on How to Photograph Cars

Most people think car photography is easy but there’s more to it than capturing the whole body and presenting it visually. The challenge is to properly capture the car detail, design and its quintessence spirit in a photograph. Successful professional photographers has these all figured out already, question is do you? If not then here’s a helpful guide for you …

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online photo projects

Get Creative This 2014: Must-Do Online Photo Projects

Another way to promote your services as a photographer online is by way of doing photo projects that will draw attention to your works and invite more viewers to your website portfolio. Here are some amazing online photo projects that still works wonders for many aspiring and professional photographers today. Remember not to be content in doing the project, but …

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documentary photography

Documentary Photography about Modern Human Slavery That can Tear You Up

I found out about Lisa Kristine’s stunning photography when I watched and listened to her TED Talk. She talked about modern human slavery while showing her marvellous collection of photos from Nepal, India, and Ghana. Her revelations (and visual narratives through documentary photos) made me cry. I felt so bad for those brothers and sisters of ours who have to …

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photography price

How to Put the Right Price to your Photography Skills and Become Profitable

A perfect world for a photographer is where clients are willing to pay whatever the amount a photographer charges, given if the quality of work is splendid. But a photographer’s career is not filled with rainbows and dancing unicorns, its real life and clients can become the most difficult types of people to deal with. In order not to short …

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photographing architectural landmarks

Tips on Photographing Architectural Landmarks

Architecture photography presents many different styles which gives each structure a unique character. Capturing it on a photograph provides an assortment of choices with its many styles; whether it’s classical, contemporary and post-modern is a very rewarding and at the same time challenging undertaking. Here are some tips on how to photograph architectural landmarks. Remember to be aware of the light’s …

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photography project

Magical Realist Images of her Sons Captured by Photographer Mom from Russia

Using her two sons (Yaroslav and Vanya) and their dear animals as her photography project, Elena Shumilova brings out magic in every little moment. Whether its one of her sons hugging their lovable dog or both of her little boys spending time together, she makes the most special shots from the ordinary scenes. Each piece of image tells an intimate …

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travel photos

Purity, Beauty and Culture Showcased in the Travel Photos by Maciej Cieslak

Travel is not only going the distance but journeying inside your soul. Maciej Cieslak travel photos have stunned National Geographic (winning the ‘Great Photo’ contest) for it has not only featured the beauty of photography but the lifetime change travel photography can give you. The photographer studied Physics and Economics but his passion for travel has made him grew a …

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compact cameras

The Best Pocket Cameras Recommended by Professional Photographers

2014 is the year when many photographers are expected to switch to pocket cameras from the bulky DSLR. The question remains though, whether these compact cameras that fits the pocket and easily handled can compete with the quality of pictures produced by DSLR? From our research and survey on a number of professional photographers, we have come up with these …

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