Bokeh photography

Capturing Bokeh in Your Photograph

“Bokeh” originated from the Japanese term boke, which means “haze” or “blur”. In photography, “bokeh” refers to the aesthetic quality of blur in a photograph. Bokeh is often found in areas that are not in focus, and most visible where points of light are present. These specular highlights and reflections are transformed into blurry dots that can greatly add visual …

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Infrared Photography

An Introduction to Infrared Photography

Infrared photography is very distinguishable, and you can almost immediately recognize an infrared (IR) photo when you see it. The colors and light give off a surreal, otherworldly appeal that can quickly hook a viewer’s interest. What makes this photography style so unique is that infrared-equipped cameras can capture near infrared or “invisible light”, a range in the light spectrum …

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backlighting tips

Backlighting Tips for Vivid, Dramatic Photos

Shiny outlines, silhouettes, lens flares, vivid colors, and other interesting elements can be brought about with backlighting. Backlighting, which is simply the lighting of the subject from behind, has been proven to provide a distinctive visual impact to the scene. In this article, we will explore some useful backlighting tips for your photos. Ways to use backlighting in your shots: …

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Urban Decay Photography

The Evocative Appeal of Urban Decay Photography

We often consider a photograph effective when it elicits an emotional response from the viewer. The image may not necessarily be pretty but it holds our attention and we feel a strong sense of connection. Urban decay photography is the photographing of man-made structures and objects that have fallen into disrepair or have been abandoned. It is so popular, not …

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Fun and Effective Night Photography Tips

At night, our surroundings can seem very different compared to during the day. When evening falls, ordinary scenes seem to change, becoming more mysterious or dramatic. With these night photography tips, you can capture images filled with atmosphere and fascinating interplay between light and shadow. Use these night photography tips as your guide: Set adequate exposure settings – when it’s …

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camera light meter

Familiarize Yourself with Hand-held Camera Light Meter

Camera light meters are highly useful when taking photographs since they help you figure out the ideal exposure by measuring the amount of light in the scene.  Most modern cameras have built-in light meters which are usually sufficient in determining proper exposure. But there will be instances when in-camera light meters can become unreliable and that’s when a hand-held light …

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Wildlife Photography-

Discover Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is the photographing of non-domesticated animals (and plants). Wildlife has been known to be a challenge to shoot, since wild animals are usually skittish and shy, and many live in areas that are not easily accessible to humans. Still, wildlife photography can be extremely rewarding, especially after you capture fascinating photographs of these creatures as a result of …

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Fisheye Lens

Fun with the Fisheye Lens

One of the more unique camera lenses is the fisheye lens, which heavily distorts an image and giving it a convex appearance. Images taken with this lens are easily recognizable since straight lines appear curved. Looking at the lens, it is easy to see why it has been named “fisheye”. Not only does it look like a fish’s eye, but …

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abstract photos

Shooting Household Objects to Create Abstract Photos

Abstract photography attempts to capture images of objects that have been largely removed of identifying marks through careful composition and lighting. Without elements that make subjects recognizable, they are reduced to fascinating shapes, lines, and colors that hook the viewer’s attention. One of the benefits of shooting abstract photos is that you don’t even have to step out of the …

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Partial portraits

Playing with Partial Portraits

Portraiture is a popular style in visual arts which allows to download free vector cliparts, not just in painting, sculpture, and illustration but also in photography. People have been depicting or recording likenesses of each other or themselves as far back as ancient times. Centuries have passed and we still are drawn to viewing and/or creating portraits. When creating portraits, …

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