25 Useful Photoshop Actions for Photographers

Photoshop actions for photographers are an essential part of the post-processing stage. These actions help both photographers and designers to apply enormous numbers of effects to their photographs. Even you can apply effects that you cannot apply with your digital camera, such as the vintage photo effect and Polaroid camera effect. All you need to do is to download the action and run it with one click of bezpieczeństwem” a button in the Actions panel in Adobe Photoshop.

Additionally, Photoshop actions for photographers have another benefit when you are editing many photos in one project. For example, when you need to apply the same effect to a hundred images or more, applying the photo effect manually would consume a lot of time and effort. Therefore, Photoshop actions can help you apply effects to a number of images at the same time, using the Batch command that you can reach from the File> Automate menu.

Photoshop actions for photographers vary based on the photo effects the actions apply to the images. Some actions change the color, or color tone of the image, and some Photoshop actions change the image by adding a vintage style, frames, or an HDR photo effect to the photos.

Before we go through today’s free Photoshop actions for photographers, let us quickly learn how to install actions to Adobe Photoshop through the following steps:
1- Download the Photoshop Action ATN file. If the downloaded file is in ZIP format, extract it to open the ATN file.
2- Open Adobe Photoshop and reveal the Actions panel. If it is not open, you can open it from the Window menu.
3- From the panel context menu on the top right, click Load Actions and navigate to the ATN action file.

To apply the action, you can follow the steps below:
1- Open the image in Adobe Photoshop
2- Select the action you would like to apply from the Actions panel
3- Click the Play Selection arrow at the bottom of the Actions panel.

Now, it is time to showcase some amazing free Photoshop actions for photographers. In the list below, you can click on the action preview image to go to the action’s page and download it.
Share with us your ideas about the most useful actions and how frequently you use Photoshop actions in your work. If you are using your iPhone to take photos, you may like to check these Must-Have iPhone Apps for Photographers.

Soft Violaceous Action

This Photoshop action for photographers lets you create a soft effect on photos, similar to the four previews below.

4 Photoshop actions for photographers

Photoshop Actions Set 42

This set includes 42 different Photoshop actions for photographers to edit photos. This set is compatible with Photoshop CS3 and newer versions.

42 Photoshop actions set

Photoshop Action for HDR Photo Effects

This post-production Photoshop action set lets you create a High Dynamic Range (HDR) effect on the images, and includes two hard and soft tweak effects, three blur effects, three color effects, and three maximizer effects.

4 Photoshop Actions for photographers

Polaroid Photoshop Actions for Photographers

Many photographers like to create Polaroid effects, but do not have the resources, such as a Polaroid camera and real films anymore. This Photoshop action for photographers lets you create high quality Polaroid photo effects. You can check wholesale jerseys the Photoshop action page by clicking the image below to see the different features and samples of the action.

HDR effect Photoshop actions

Photoshop Actions Set

This set includes different actions to with different effects. Each of the nine actions applies a different effect on the photo. Click on the image below to visit the profile page and download the actions with preview images.

Polaroid effect Photoshop actions

Cool Vintage Photoshop Action

This set includes seven vintage style Photoshop Actions for Photographers. You can download the ATN file and load the action file from the Actions panel using the Load Actions command.

9 Photoshop actions for photo editing

Snow, Summer, and Winter Actions Set

In this Photoshop action for photographers, you can find five ATN action files that let you create different effects of the seasons of the year, such as winter and summer. Make sure to set the colors of Photoshop to the default black and white from the Tools panel.

vintage Photoshop actions

Photoshop Actions Set

In this set, there are five different actions that let you change the color theme of photos based on 5 color styles.

sessions Photoshop actions

Set of Four Photoshop Actions

This set includes 4 Photoshop actions for photographers to help them change the color of the images based on four different photo effects.

5 color effect actions for Photoshop

Photoshop Action: Diabolic

This set includes 10 different Photoshop actions for photographers to edit and touch-up their photos.

15 Photoshop actions set

Colorful Photoshop Actions for Photographers

This set includes six Photoshop actions to change the color theme of your images.

3 Diabolic Photoshop actions

Outside Photoshop Actions

This set includes one ACR Adobe Camera Raw preset, and one Photoshop action for a vintage photo effect.

6 Photoshop color effect actions

Oscar Pilch Photoshop Actions

This action creates an amazing warm photo effect on photographs.

Outside Photoshop actions

HDR Fake Action

If you would cheap MLB jerseys like to create an HDR photo effect, you can use this Photoshop action for photographers to create an effect that is very close to HDR.

Photoshop action for photo effects

Landscape and Scenery Actions

This set includes Photoshop actions for scenery, landscape, and nature. Each of these four actions has a different effect on the images.

HDR Photoshop actions

i-Dark Photoshop Action

This action lets you apply an amazing darkening effect on images. It is useful for outdoor shots such as the example below.

5 photo editing actions

Hipstamatic Actions Pack

This set includes three amazing Photoshop actions for photographers that allow them to create film-like shots and simulate the ordinary lens and flash of old cameras.

landscape photography actions

Funny Actions

A set of four nice actions that you can apply on your photographs to create different film-like effects.

colorful actions for Photoshop

Violet Shine Action

This Photoshop action for photographers creates a violet theme on the images with a subtle dark and violator vignette. This action is available both for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

photoshop actions for photographers

Free Green Antique Tint Action

This action turns the dull green in photos to bright green colors. wholesale NBA jerseys You can use it to correct the green color level in your images.

free photoshop actions for photographers

Darker Effect 3.0 Action

This Photoshop action turns the lights in dark images to an interesting light and shade effect.

darker effect Photoshop Actions

Cyan Melody Photoshop Action

This Photoshop action creates a color grading effect and gives the photos warm and dark colors.

Cyan Melody Photoshop actions

Blue Velvet Action

This Photoshop action creates an amazing blue theme for images 70 that you can use to create business banners or posts.

blue color Photoshop actions

Blue Action

This is another blue Photoshop action that you can use to give HTML your photos a business or corporate theme.

blue color Photoshop actions

Colorful Action

This amazing set includes eight Photoshop actions for photographers to apply different color effects on the photos, such as the vintage and vivid, and the black and white photography effect.

color effects for Photoshop

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