Wonderful Light Painting Photography by Julien Breton

His light painting photography tries to be “a link between two cultures that used be in conflict” as he says. With his unique light painting photography, Julien Breton is a distinguished artist who uses his own developed calligraphy characters and tools.

Julien is a French artist who admires Arabic calligraphy, which inspired him to create his own characters that merge Arabic letter flow and the glyphs of Latin letters. Then, he extended his experiment by using hybrid calligraphy in his amazing light painting photographs from different cultures all around the world.

Light painting photography refers to a technique where the artist moves a light source in front of the camera with the shutter set to slow speed, to acquire the illumination of Coming the light source into the camera lens. The scene around the artist, who creates the light painting in front of the camera, should be dark enough to allow the camera to distinguish the light source from the rest of the objects in the scene.

Light painting photography requires a special light source, such as a flashlight or light pen, and Julien uses these special light sources to simulate the style of Arabic calligraphy written on paper. He says “a white sheet is too limited”, so he took calligraphy into a new, 3rd dimension where there are no limits to his lines and curves.

His creativity appears in his calligraphy lines and light sources that turn calligraphy into a natural light merged with the environment behind each character.

Julien’s light painting photography won a number of awards, such as the Urban Arts International Awards in 2011, and two bronze suchen awards on the Dubai Lynx Awards.

Julien Breton’s light painting photography is featured in many books, such as Arabesque, Artaq Bookzine, Arabic Graffiti, and LightGraff. His work is featured in worldwide magazines such as Deplomatic World, Page, Islamics Art, EMEL, and DT.

His artwork is also featured in many TV channels around the world including, but not limited to, Deutsche Welle, Abu Dhabi TV, Islam Channel UK, and France 3. Through his website, Kalaam (means “words” in Arabic translation), you can find out more about Julien’s life, work, and achievements.

In today’s showcase I would like to share with you the amazing French artist, Julien Breton’s light painting photography.

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