Toy Photography: 17 Talented Examples

Toy photography brings out the child in many photographers, as most of us like to play with toys even as grown-ups. Actually, playing with kids’ toys is great fun for all of us. Therefore, photographers see toy photography as a good subject to photograph and use in compositions.

There are many toys that work well in toy photography shots, such as super hero characters, movie stars, cartoon characters, and anime toys. The best way to find suitable toys for shooting is to go to a toy store and start exploring the different small characters there.

  • Toy photography mainly relies on the arrangement of the toys in the scene. However, there are a few tips that you should consider in order to get interesting toy photos:
  • Even though they are lifeless objects, the toys in your shots should appear more like humans or small living creatures. You can achieve this by choosing a suitable shooting angle. For example, you can lower the camera to the level of the toys.
  • The secret behind toy photography is that each shot tells a story. When you arrange the toys in a scene, they should tell a story or perform a specific action.
  • Many photographers limit their toy photography to indoor shots, but you can try both indoor and outdoor photos,. Outdoor shots can give you a way different experience than the indoor ones.
  • Let the toys inspire you, each toy is designed to rely on the kids’ imagination, and each toy has a story behind it. Use the toy character to inspire you with scene ideas. For example, you can add Superman flying in the shot.

You can also get inspiration for toy photography through the following showcase of photos taken by different photographers.

toy photography
Photo by Palo
toy photography
Photo by Keenen Brown
toy photography
Photo by Beci Anne
toy photography
Photo by Dennis Skley
Toy Cooper
Photo by Nithya Ramanujam
Thought about the magic of great photography
Photo by Kristina Alexanderson
toy photos
Photo by Tim Norris
toy photos
Photo by Joelle Johnson
Speed Trap
Photo by – POD –
Photo by Christophe Revelly
Roaming Panda
Photo by Yi Chen
toy pictures
Photo by Christophe Revelly
toy pictures
Photo by Meagan
toy pictures
Photo by Theonecam
toy images
Photo by Strict Machine
He loves books
Photo by Beci Anne
Photo by Glen Edelson
toy images
Photo by Kevinhosford

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