Toy Photography: LEGO Captured in Dramatic Shots

“I’ve been photographing my kid’s toys over the years, Lego, fluffy animals and whatnot. The Clone/Star Wars action figures proved to be such a joy to shoot that I decided to put some of them on Flickr. Then I made some Lego photographs, too.

Not all of my photographs are about toys anymore. Well, they are, but now some of the toys in my photostream belong to me and are a bit more complicated than the kids’ stuff.”

Avanaut (Finland) combines two of two most-loved elements in his photography series – LEGO and Star Wars. With his craft and creativity, he is able to produce dramatic photos that take every viewer to one particular movie scene. The wonderful use of lighting in these photographs has given so much beauty and that feeling which is larger than life.

With the custom backgrounds, you can just imagine that the photographer has spent so much time in achieving each scene – each of them creating a different mood. For sure any Star Wars fan will fall for it, fanning the longing more and more. Any writer can surely not find the best words to justify how beautifully rendered these pictures are. There have been a lot of toy photography which went viral but this one can surely capture a moment, something so amazing to think that Avanaut only uses toys.

Curious about what inspired him to do this Lego On Hoth photo project? Well, he is a big Star Wars fan and some point, he dreamed of becoming a movie director. One day, after the movie attempts did not make it, he pursued an idea that involves two of his favorite things as a boy.

toy photography
“Two of the great moments of my childhood were the first two original Star Wars movies”
toy photography
“With my photography, I’m revisiting an unfulfilled career path, I guess. With the attached little stories my photos are like tiny one-frame movie scenes”
toy photography
This is a spectacular shot. Something that senses would feel full for.
toy photography
Lehtimäki began arranging his son’s toys in mini-dioramas in June of 2009
toy photography
He likes the idea of expanding beyond the silver-screen and imagining what happens in the background
toy photography
He shares that he loves and enjoys photography though he can’t use it in his real job most of the time.
toy photography
Flickr opened up the spotlight for him. He never expected things will turn out this way when he first uploaded at the website.

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