Tips for Photography Marketing Using Pinterest

Social media has become a leading tool for photographers to showcase their works. Pinterest is no different, if used properly it can be a good launching pad for photographers to get known and expand their network within the photography industry and circle.

Pinterest have captured the attention of the photography community. It features a board concept where photographers can easily pin their works on a virtual board for everyone to see and appreciate.

Here are some ways on how to maximize the features of Pinterest in order to best show the world your photography works.

Create a Business Account

Having a business account at Pinterest can help you market your services to prospective client more.

You will be able to see the activities on your board pins, as well as charting the exposure chart of your photographs uploaded. Viewer engagement is also seen easily, you can know which types of your work they are more interested at, are they going wild over your portrait shots? Do they dig your outdoor landscapes photos? Are they fond of your wedding pictures? Other than these, you can learn whether pinners love watching your tutorial videos about photography tips, this information are vital in letting you know what facet of your photography marketing strategy you need to focus on more.

pinterest photography marketing

Influence Others to Pin in your Behalf

Try hard to leave a lasting impression on your viewers, enough to entice them to pin your images in your behalf. Add a Pinterest button on your all social media sites such as your online gallery and blog. This will help spread your images across many social media circles and the bigger the chance you can attract more audience.

Add Watermark on your Pinterest Photos

To safeguard your copyright rights make sure to watermark all of your photographs. This also adds a professional look to your works and conveys a serious attitude and a confidence at your photographs.

pinterest photography marketing

Create a Board for Archives Work with Witty Captions

This will serve as your mini portfolio just to get the attention of your Pinterest visitors. It’s like an online album where Pinterest users could easily re-pin, increasing the viewers of your photographs. Another way to entice more attention to your Pinterest pictures is to accompany it with witty captions. Pinterest users likes a photo with an engaging caption that tease their imagination and makes them become more interested in examining your photograph.

pinterest photography marketing

Create a Large Network of Pinterest Followers

Engage other Pinterest users by leaving comments and using the @ symbol to tag other users in your notes and comments. Give thanks to users who pins your post. This helps you becomes closer and builds a good social networking relationships with other Pinterest users and in return you garner more followers.

There you go, using Pinterest the right way gives photographers a big chance of further expanding their market and increasing their viewers. It is important to take advantage of the many features of Pinterest in order to launch your photography career into greater heights.

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