Tips on How to Land your First Photography Client

Most of the time in a photographer’s career, the biggest hurdle is found at the start.

The most crucial times of struggling to land the first photography gig, getting that first ever client that will make or break a photographer’s career.

If you think you are ready and already have the necessary skills to make it in the photography world, then you need to start with your career sooner the better. What better ways to kick start it than by producing a great work for your first client?

The question is how can you get your first client? Well here are some tips on how to get notice and land your first client photography gig.

Shoot Great Photographs of your Friends

The best way to get notice is to produce a continuous stream of awesome photographs and the ideal way to do this is to take pictures of your friends. Social gatherings inside clubs, during road trips, parties and simple gatherings provides a great aura of capturing portraits of your friends in various moods and poses. Upload it to your social media websites such as Facebook and chances are, if they like your photograph they will use it to be their profile picture. Since they are your friends you can ask them to credit by putting on the caption “Photographed by + your Name”. This will spread your work across their network of friends and soon more people will notice your work and remember your name. This free gesture of taking images of your friends will surely build and establishes your legitimacy as a photographer.

photography client

Target People Celebrating Special Life Events

One of my first clients approached me out of nowhere and pitched the idea of me shooting his sponsor photos, that was a lucky call but most of the time you will only get that first client a lot faster  if you can recognize special occasions and just start pitching from there. Ask yourself if you have a friend who is expecting? Another one getting married? Then there are your chances.

Even a friend of yours looking for a job can be prospective client, because they would need a decent and great looking portrait photograph for their portfolio and Linkedin profile. Just remember not to oversell yourself, do not spam your friends, and just ask when the opportunity presented itself.

photography client

Attend Sporting Events and Upload the Images Online

Nothing brings potential clients together like a sporting event. Go to one, carry plenty of business cards, shoot a bunch of photos, and engage the families watching the game. Tell them you are a photographer and you will upload some of the pictures online on your photography website which they can look at after. Also inform them that if they like some photographs they cannot download them unless they pay for it at a discount price.

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Make Your Presence Felt Online

Creating an account at Facebook, Flickr and having a Photography blog or website are the best ways to have an online presence. These are your tools to connect to possible future clients and also make sure your website URL is included in the business cards you are handing out to strangers, so they will know where to view your photography portfolio.

There you go, just follow these simple steps and for sure it won’t take long before you land your very first photography client and expect many more to come after that. Remember, as you grew your client list longer, the more enticing your portfolio becomes. So perform as a true professional photographer and treat each client as very important person.

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