Black and White Old Cart

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Black and white old cart. urban decay photography. Full size: 3168 x 4752 Click on the photo to download. © You are free to use our images in both commercial and personal usage. You are not allowed to redistribute as your own. We would appreciate if you mentioned us when using our photos, but it is optional.

Urban Decay Photography: Shocking Chernobyl Photos by Mathew Merrett

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As the true artist sees the beauty in every thing around, the urban decay photography concerns with taking photos and documenting abandoned places that people deserted long time ago and turned to ghost cities. Urban decay photography is a challenging and danger type of photography that get you outside the comfort of studios and take you to places full of Read more

The Evocative Appeal of Urban Decay Photography

Urban Decay Photography

We often consider a photograph effective when it elicits an emotional response from the viewer. The image may not necessarily be pretty but it holds our attention and we feel a strong sense of connection. Urban decay photography is the photographing of man-made structures and objects that have fallen into disrepair or have been abandoned. It is so popular, not Read more