Capturing the Beauty of Copenhagen through Reflection Photos

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Morten Nordstrom gives me more reason to love the rain. He hails from Copenhagen and shows fondness for his city by taking pictures around. These reflection photos hold magnificence. Each image features a piece of cityscape gem that lets you see Copenhagen in an upside-down kind of wonder. It’s like seeing two worlds in one. There’s this amazing feeling when Read more

Photojournalism Extraordinaire – The Honey Hunters of Nepal by Eric Valli

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That moment when a single photograph touches your whole life. This is how Eric Valli affected me in 2010. It was a random conversation with my doctor-friend about passions. She told me that she had a lot of National Geographic magazines at home. I told her I wanted them so bad. As I flipped through the pages of one particular Read more

Black and White Photos of Genuine Undiscovered Street Photographer Vivian Maier

Can you imagine this: a mysterious-looking woman working as a nanny/caregiver walked the streets of Chicago to take captivating black and white photos of the mundane? In the late 1900s, Vivian Maier chronicled the daily lives she marveled at without others knowing it. It was her alone. With her camera. If not for John Maloof discovering her massive works in Read more

Travel Photography Tips

Travel photography is one of the most admired and followed technique of presenting images. It is romantic and a source of rich cultural significance. Whether it is landscapes, portrait or still-life, it produces a universal appeal of showing the world within the four corners of a single photograph. However, traveling with an assortment of photography gear can challenge the notion Read more