Black and White Photos of Genuine Undiscovered Street Photographer Vivian Maier

Can you imagine this: a mysterious-looking woman working as a nanny/caregiver walked the streets of Chicago to take captivating black and white photos of the mundane? In the late 1900s, Vivian Maier chronicled the daily lives she marveled at without others knowing it. It was her alone. With her camera. If not for John Maloof discovering her massive works in …

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Taking Street Pictures: The Art of Discreet Creativity

Street photography is often considered as a discreet art. To put it in simple words, it is an attempt to capture an evolving world around us, through our lenses, while staying completely out of sight. Street pictures are usually captured at a moment’s notice and require patience, intuition, an eye for the ‘moment’, and familiarity with the equipment in hand. …

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