How to Take Portrait Photos Like a Pro: Working with Light

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Taking professional portrait photos is a challenging yet interesting topic for both professional and amateur photographers who like to take shot for their beloved. In the first part of this article, we explored the basic equipment required to take professional portrait photos such as the tripod and the lensed that can produce the best results. We also explored the portrait Read more

How to Take Portrait Photos Like a Pro- Part 1

portrait photo composition

Oh how we all amateurs envy the professional portrait photographers. Lugging expensive DSLR bodies and telephoto lenses they compress the foreground and the background into oblivion on the pretext of creating ‘stunning’ portrait photos. Oh how we love to prove that we amateurs are not to be taken lightly either and that we are just as capable. Professional quality portrait Read more

How to Take Portrait Photos for Old People

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Old people seem to project a different effect on photographs compared to portraits of younger people. Their appearances are just beaming with details and characters, the lines on their faces convey a sense of mystery and countless untold interesting stories. Portraits of old people surely can’t be dismissed and what better way to document many decades of living than capturing Read more