Street photography Tips

street photography tips

Street photography is simple in concept, but when put into practice, can be very hard to do well. This style of photography has so many fantastic opportunities that are on offer to anyone that wants them. Here are a few tips and guides that may help in improving the creativity of your street photography. Firstly, a great suggestion is to Read more

Quick and Effective Tips For Fog Photography

fog photography

Photographs of scenes or subjects nearly shrouded in fog are often atmospheric and can evoke a strong emotional response from the viewer. When fog sets in, an ordinary landscape may suddenly appear eerie, mysterious, or melancholy and it can be a wonderful opportunity to capture the mood in a photo. Although shooting with fog does come with its own set Read more

Neutral Density Filters: What, When and How

neutral density filters

Neutral density filters are like sunglasses for your DSLR. They are primarily used for the purpose of balancing the exposure across the frame. They are imperative when you are about to shoot long exposures on bright, sunny days. They are also imperative for capturing creative long exposures in other lighting conditions. You may have seen the ubiquitous silky smooth waterfall Read more