Entering Competitions as a Tool for Photography Marketing

The advent of digital photography has literally created a new generation of photographers and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the legitimate from the photographer “wannabees”. That’s why photographers are entertaining new methods of marketing their skills through social media and a unique portfolio. However, sometimes even the best needs a break to come out of anonymity and become well known. Read more

Offline Ways to Market Your Photography

As a photographer you can’t help but get into a slump when it comes to coming up with new marketing ideas. With the advent of online technology, photographers ends up relying through online marketing all the time and neglecting the other important facet of marketing, which is reality peer-to-peer and in person marketing. Photographers meet a lot of people in Read more

Tips for Photography Marketing Using Pinterest

Social media has become a leading tool for photographers to showcase their works. Pinterest is no different, if used properly it can be a good launching pad for photographers to get known and expand their network within the photography industry and circle. Pinterest have captured the attention of the photography community. It features a board concept where photographers can easily Read more

Free Marketing For Your Photography Business

Being a photographer, the hardest part is the beginning of setting up your career towards where you want it to head. These includes; building up networks, polishing your skills, marketing your works and brand of photography to suggest a few. Fortunately, in this age of the social media there are many free marketing strategies one could take advantage of, as Read more

Photography Profile Ideas – How To Make Your Website More Attractive

There are no better ways to make your photo website more attractive other than uploading beautiful, high quality photographs. However, when it comes to gaining a wide audience, it pays to have laid down the exact science of maintaining a photography website, in order to ensure a steady stream of visitors each day. This will also provide you with enough Read more

Photography Marketing Through Twitter

photography marketing

Twitter is another useful marketing platform for photographers to showcase their works. Almost everyone with a smartphone today has 24/7 instant access to twitter and it’s like this generation’s ticker where everyone gets their news. No one can deny the reach and power of Twitter and is now considered as one of the favorites of both professional and pledging photographers Read more

How to Market Your Photoshop Using Instagram

photography marketing

Social media has now become a major marketing tool for products and services such as photography. One can easily take advantage of social media to further advance word of online reputation of your photography career. By posting images on your social media sites such as Instagram, this provides additional exposure for you and opportunity for new viewers to come across Read more