How to Photograph Star Trails

star trails

During the day landscape photography is an easy task for many photographers, but turn the lights off and venture out at night, and it’s an entirely different challenge. Night time photography may be a harder task, but the potential for creating intense and beautiful pictures is endless. Taking pictures at night will require patience and practice but once you find Read more

How to Take Night Photography for City Life

night photography

Every city in the world shows a lively character when night falls. The bustling city scape lights and the glowing darkened skies makes up for a very interesting and appealing night photography shots. However, the scenes with low light conditions and lots of movements are the hardest subjects to photograph; therefore shooting the city at night requires discipline and an Read more

Bringing Out the Beauty in Your Night Photography

Night photography is one of the best ways to produce stunning images. There is something about trailing lights, moonlight sky and other dazzling subjects that convey a wonderful picture to the eyes. Something, daytime photographs could not accomplish much. However, night time photography requires another set of skills and additional effort because of the lack of proper lighting. If done Read more