Amazing landscape photography for Iceland by Jerome Berbigier

Iceland landscape

Landscape photography gives us the opportunity to explore the beauty of our mother Earth and the places we never visited before as we will see in the following examples (check Travel Photography Tips). Jérôme Berbigier is a French photographer born in Loire Valley. He moved to Australia in 2007 and started his photography life in the same year. His life Read more

Simply Breath-taking Reflection and Landscape Photography Using a Mirror

mirror photos

“A Moment’s Reflection” by Cody William Smith feels like a gateway to the most beautiful places that are not down in any maps. Using a round mirror, he sets up, a little bit buried on different areas like the sand, dirt… various settings. The mirror interrupts the whole place, reflecting a different spot nearby. It creates this wonderful harmony shared Read more

Is Landscape Photography Being Ruined by Photoshop?

In the last few years critics of photo-editing software like Photoshop has been voicing their displeasure at how the explicit used of photo editing has ruined landscape photography. The topic has become a widely heated debate among photographers until a recent event reinforces the belief that it does ruin landscape photography. The recent stripping of David Byrne’s award, which he Read more