Amazing High Speed Photography Project Creates Sculpture Out of Liquid

Floto+Warner photography project

In their photography studio, Floto+Warner Studio, Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto created a very interesting project named Clourant. The project is based on the high speed photography concept, yet the results were astonishing and eye-catching. Their project is based on throughing colorful liquid in the open air and take high speed photo shots at a 1/3500th of a second, the results Read more

High Speed Photography – Captivating Paint in Mid-Air by Alberto Seves

high speed photography

Works of art in the form of abstract paintings allure me. Finding out about Alberto Seves’ high speed photography series, “Dropping”, I felt a different connection. He’s a painter in a different gravity for he captures high speed paint images that can make anyone appreciate the natural process – splashing, mixing, dropping… like motions you only associate with graceful dancers, awe-inspiring Read more

Amusing High Speed Photography of Drooling Dogs

It’s undeniable, dogs are the cutest! Carli Davidson’s quirk has brought out something much more interesting from these adorable ones. Animal photography with a squeeze of humor. “Shake” is the book she has just freshly published. This young award-winning photographer from Oregon is unstoppably amusing everyone. As a photographer and animal-trainer she continues to enrich her life by doing what Read more

High Speed Photography Using Paint on Toys by Peter Schafrick

high speed photography

Peter Schafrick’s high speed photography project explores a new experience by using the centrifugal force to cover toys with paint. The idea behind this concept is pretty awesome, as Peter Schafrick’s project relies on a custom-built machine that is named the Spinster. The Spinster allows rotating the objects and Peter takes high speed photos of the moving objects. The high Read more