Iranian Women

Compelling Conceptual Photos of Iranian Women – “Miss Butterfly”

One of my favorite movies of all time is “Persepolis”. It has given me that soulful second-hand experience concerning the plight of women in Iran. To find these powerful conceptual photos by Shadi Ghadirian adds up to what I know of Iranian women – alongside with little stories, TED talks, literature and news articles. Each photo from this series “Miss …

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Father Takes Conceptual Photos of his Autistic Son

Communication goes beyond language use. Timothy Archibald, San Francisco-based photographer uses photography to bond with his son. Through his series, Echolilia, he has grown a deeper acceptance of his son’s differences. Diagnosed with autism, the little boy would repeat many actions that drove Timothy crazy. One day, he just began taking his son’s photos and it opened a whole new …

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