Children Photography: Tips for Adorable Photos

Children photography can be very challenging for many photographers yet it is full of fun and joy especially when you are talking photos for your own children playing around. Many amazing moments to record while the kids are growing up quickly than we even notice. As the children area  very hard topic to photograph, there are two category of children photography tips. The Read more

Cute Children Photography Idea – Kids’ Expressions When Biting Lemon for the First Time

children photography

David Wile and April Maciborka came up with something funny yet a little… how to put it… sadistic (haha). Well, what they did was they let little cute kids take a bit of lemon for the first time! As any viewer can see, the natural expressions are just adorable! Well, everyone knows how healthful lemons are but even adults would Read more

Heart-tugging Photos of Nomadic Children in Streets of London in 1980s

children photography

I have enjoyed a childhood in the 1990s. I remember how playmates and I frolicked under the sun, not minding getting burned. Not minding time. Stumbling upon the photography book Travellers’ Children In London Fields made me wonder how life was for these photographed nomadic children. Colin O’Brien has put his heart and soul in this book. The children here appear Read more