black white photographs

Taj Mahal in Black and White Photographs – Definitely Enigmatic Shots

Josef Hoflehner’s series of black and white photographs showcasing the ever-stunning Taj Mahal takes my breath away. These images have something mystical in them, something solitary and beautiful, too. From a foggy take to a reflective capture, one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world can be marvelled out without the usual busy crowd. Looking at each image …

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Black and White Photos of Genuine Undiscovered Street Photographer Vivian Maier

Can you imagine this: a mysterious-looking woman working as a nanny/caregiver walked the streets of Chicago to take captivating black and white photos of the mundane? In the late 1900s, Vivian Maier chronicled the daily lives she marveled at without others knowing it. It was her alone. With her camera. If not for John Maloof discovering her massive works in …

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