Michael Wolf : Remarkable Architectural Photography

Michael Wolf is one of the rare photographers that took the photography to a new level with his artwork especially the texture and architectural photography projects. Through his travels to different places around the world such as Canada, United States, Germany, Paris, Japan and China, Michael Wolf got the chance to create large number of photography projects that focus on Read more

Architecture Photography and the Strength of the Human Body

architecture photography

Physical strength is something that can fascinate anyone. I for example go “wow” when I see break dancers and weight lifters. Photographer Pip is a self-taught photographer from Northern England now based in London made me go amazed with his stunning architecture photography series that features athlete and champion freerunner Tim Shieff in impressive physical displays. The tandem challenged themselves Read more

Architecture Photography that Can Make You Feel Beauty in Solitude

Melancholy finds a family name when I felt Kai Ziehl architecture photography. His works takes me to that corner of my heart where there is an immeasurable degree of solitude, silence and an inexorable shade of emptiness. It is the kind of beautiful in sad that I ache for, sometimes. There is this kind of poetry that not all photographs Read more

Know the Basics of Architecture Photography

architecture photography

Architecture is a subject matter that most photographers are drawn to and it’s easy to see why. There are lots of ways to shoot architecture— for example, you may want to photograph the geometry and patterns of the physical structure, or capture its style which represents its culture and history, or focus on interesting details that give character and mood Read more