guinea pig photos

Photographing Booboo: Adorable Animal Photos for a Guinea Pig by Megan Elst

Megan van der Elst is a 23 years old photographer from Netherlands that has a strong passionate to photograph everything around including animal photos. She did not realize that her guinea pig, Booboo, will be one of the world famous animals on the Internet later. Megan’s photography gear includes Canon EOS 500D and two Canon lenses 50mm/F1.4 and 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6.  She …

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Treat to Your Heart – Animal Photos showing Special Friendships

It can’t be denied that some people still consider animals as creatures without feelings or sense. I grew up with farm animals so my fondness for animal-friends bloomed when I was just around 4. Animal photography and wildlife photography have been making waves online. Now this one’s a heart treat! These images of animal friendships only show that animals have …

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