A Glimpse of the World as a Bird – Stunning Aerial Photos

Have you ever wonder how it feels like seeing the world as a bird? I’ve always thought of such.

It’s amazing how aerial photos can feed that daydreaming bit of my mind.

As someone so passionate about travel – people as places and places as people, theses aerial photos feed my itch.

Is there some place you want to see from up above?

I have to confess that I want to see some Icelandic city. To feel it. To have an idea how the city where my favorite musicians come from look like from a bird’s eye view.

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aerial photos

Barcelona from above is very far from the Spanish apartment movie in my head. To me, it looks crowded. This aerial photo does give me a clearer vision of how a city functions based on the population of people and their housing conditions.

top view photos
Giza Pyramids, Egypt

This is a fascinating take on this historical area. The grayish tone of the whole place gives me this sort of anthropological melancholia.

top view photos
Niagara Falls, Canada

 Recently, I’ve seen news about the freezing of Niagara. I am so amazed at how a patch of water can look like this from above. It’s so vast and enthralling.

travel photos
Mangroves in New Macedonia

This heart-shaped corner in the vast planet feels like a rare gem. It’s amazing how the photographer is able to capture it, at its lush beauty. I can feel the energy even just from this aerial photograph.

travel photos


I have to say that I have recognized this image pretty fast for I have seen a similar video clip from a documentary. Dubai from above reminds of the power of the human mind and the might of technology and innovation.

travel photos
Namib Desert, Namibia

Africa is and will always be this dream part of the world to be discovered. Upon seeing this shot, I am reminded of the desert being described in my favorite book, Le Petit Prince. I sometimes do feel that amidst the vastness of the desert, there lies some hidden treasure.

travel photos
Paris, France

Popular for being in that romantic spot in the world…everyone wants to go to Paris. It is amusing how places can look so organized from above as well. Paris looks like the sun with longer sunrise.

aerial photos
Moscow, Russia

Takes me back to the day when White Nights is my favorite tearful love story. I feel poetry and an endless winter.

aerial photos
Male, Maldives

This explains to me why all vacation photos from Maldives show jaw-dropping beaches.

aerial photos
Bac Son Valley, Vietnam

Six words: I want to be here now.

aerial photos

When I took the flight to the other side of the world, China told me that she is sort-of-boundless. I fall for the colors here.


top view photos
Central Park, New York City

This is one of the most familiar aerial images. I’ve tried showing this series to friends and they’ve guessed this image of Central Park in a heartbeat. I wonder how many stories are being woven each day from this area alone.

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