Spicing Up Your Photography Blog

Beautiful photographs are expected always of photography blogs. It’s an automatic requirement otherwise you will just waste domain fees and your website viewer’s time as well. The aim of having a photography blog is to entice website surfers to stay longer and engage them with your unique images.

When your photography blog achieves this, it becomes a great marketing platform for your photography services aside from making it as your professional portfolio on the web. Therefore it is important to further improve it. Here are some ways on how you can spice up your photography blog:

Upload Engaging Images

Make sure not to fall into a routine of posting only everyday stuff like portraits, landscape, cityscape and other candid images. Once in a while put some photographs that will engage your viewers. A close up shot of an object that at first glance might look like something else will make the viewers take some time to analyse the image. This will instantly get their attention and make them remember your photography website. You can experiment with using macro lens and trying out capturing a close up shot of a subject from different angles to achieve this goal. Also check (Photography Profile Ideas – How To Make Your Website More Attractive).

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Make use of Photo Equipment

Taking photographs using only your hand has its limitations. Many images are best taken using a tripod or a mini-tripod. Others require a photography light tent and fill in flash. A tripod helps produce a clear image and greatly lessens the occurrence of blurring and unnecessary photographer movement. To achieve a clearer image when shooting small subjects try placing it in a photography tent, this results in a well-lighted image of your subject.

Always Review Your Photographs

Act like a professional editor when it comes to posting images on your photography blog. Study each photos carefully, check if the subject in focus is clear and well-lit. Examine the composition, angle and framing. Look out for some things that may steal the attention from the main subject. A careful review for a few minutes will help you avoid uploading a photograph that may turn off one viewer too many.

Post Photos Related to your Blog Post

A photograph should be the basis of your blog post text, or it should support or be related to your blog post narratives. A great photography blog is usually the one with a short written story or background of the image. Make sure that both are related and does not contrast each other. This will make your website visitors understand your photographs more and appreciate your time in writing a few snippets about it.

Post Only Original Photographs and Do not Steal Photos

Nothing turns off photography enthusiasts than seeing a stolen picture posted on someone else’s photography blog without proper credit. Even if you credit picture from other websites, it would still be a turn off as your viewers expects to see photographs you have taken originally. Be sure to only upload photographs you’ve taken to create a unique image and branding for your photography at the same time. Check (Entering Competitions as a Tool for Photography Marketing).

Upload Regularly

A great way of increasing your website page views is by uploading images at a regular basis. This gives search engines more opportunity to crawl your website and also creates an impression that you take your photography blog seriously.

Here are just some ways on how you can spice up and make your photography blog more interesting. Try to follow these and expect a rapid increase in your page views in no time at all.

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