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Facebook being one of the most prominent social media sites is a really excellent place to boost your business potentials. This also holds true for photographers who are trying to get more attention and are building up their reputation in making money online.

Compared to other social media sites, you can have your photography page at Facebook and have all the chances to get a big following. The question however is, “how can I create a really great Facebook page?” You may have your own set of favorite Facebook pages. It’s high time that you stop envying those and start your own. In no time, you’ll also be able to reap not just the exposure that it could bring but also the possibilities of making money from its traffic.

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Here are ways on how to own and manage a Facebook page that can be excellent for social media marketing:

Set it up with keen eyes

The first thing when setting up your facebook page is to pick the category. You are encouraged to choose “website” over public figure. When you choose this, it gives more emphasis to your craft and it would not sound too egotistical (it’s funnier if you choose ‘public figure’ then only 17 people like your page).

The chances of Google recognizing the relevance of your page also gets higher when you provide necessary and valuable information.

facebook photography page

Some of the information you MUST include are the following:

  • Year founded
  • Company Overview
  • Description
  • Mission
  • Email
  • Website

Take note: use keywords to your advantage while filling up your profile. For example, mention in your “About” and in your description. You can also discreetly add it in your overview:

“I am a portrait photographer in Cairo, Egypt. Other than my forte, I also take pride in taking landscape photos as well as events photos.”

Do remember too that you have to choose the right profile photo and banner for your page. It’s best to include something that represents your art/business. Make sure to add texts to your banner (website name and url).

Keep your photo-posts really attractive

Keep users visually attracted. With the lower attention span these days, people are always browsing around and only stop at photos that are interesting and are very captivating. Before posting stuff in your page, try to create a folder to organize them and sort out the very strong and appealing ones from snaps that are just “normal”.

facebook photography page


facebook photography page

If you can, make sure to post it with an interesting caption. In your caption/description, include a link that leads to your site/blog. And now, facebook has a feature to use hashtags – take advantage of it.

Observe proper time frame for posting

It’s exciting to think of the many possible posts you can share through your page. On the other hand, you have to consider its effect on followers. Set the anxiety aside and use time wisely. To start, it’s ideal to post 2-4 times a day. Never post all your pictures in one go. It’s great to give them the right exposure online – this will allow your followers to enjoy the experience of looking at them and feeling the message in-between.

This results to a great reputation. Like you, facebook users hate it when you flood their newsfeed with too many updates.

Important tip: Upload photos that would wow them – through this, they won’t resist clicking the thumb up or even the share button!

Consider prospect customers always

After completing the necessary information and posting a couple of photos, invite friends to like your page politely. And when they do, thank them sincerely. Any one of them can be your next client or appreciator. With your great output and your good character, they will be inspired and it’ll be easy for them to feel that you’re page is worth sharing to others. It’s best to create a template message of invite and thank you.

Touch and move their hearts

Never undermine the power of a photograph. History can tell you why. If your message is clear and sincere – and you are able to capture a beautiful shot, people will notice. They will surely feel the power of beauty and awe. When a photograph does that, it becomes a remarkable experience and they’d be too excited to talk about you and follow your page loyally.

To achieve this, you have to take your content seriously and most definitely, passionately and creatively.

Tip: Post photos + captions that can make them feel something – through this, they will be moved to express their thoughts by commenting. Do give time to answer/reply to comments and messages all the time.


facebook photography page

Tag people, make them feel important

Be sure to tag some followers in some of your posts. This is an excellent way to show to them that you appreciate their following. It makes them feel important and happy. They’ll surely leave a comment and share the image – which means more chance of exposure for your page! 

Take advantage of Facebook Ads

Know by now that this option is pretty affordable than most people expect it. Through this, you can promote your page to a much targeted audience: location, age and gender.

  • Take a look at the prices
  • Page promotion

facebook photography page


  • Post promotion

facebook photography page

These tips to consider do not only work for pro photographers, even if you are just starting, these are really easy to learn and work on. You are off to a good start now. As long as you are determined to share what your eyes see and innovative enough to find new ways to make money through your talent, opportunities surely await you!

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