How to Put the Right Price to your Photography Skills and Become Profitable

A perfect world for a photographer is where clients are willing to pay whatever the amount a photographer charges, given if the quality of work is splendid.

But a photographer’s career is not filled with rainbows and dancing unicorns, its real life and clients can become the most difficult types of people to deal with. In order not to short change your skills as a photographer, here are some tips to know your real worth without losing clients who might resort to hiring a cheap but inferior photographer.

There are ways to still get the fee you deserve and at the same time making the client feel like they no other better option than hiring your photography service.

Shoot Additional Sessions

The best way to compensate for your professional photographer’s fee if and when the client complains about the amount being high is to offer additional photo sessions.

This usually doesn’t take much of your time and resources, you can do this extra sessions during the initial photo-shoot itself and instead of taking a 45 minute break you can limit it to 30 minutes and just take the other additional images from the other sets.


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If you and your client agree on a set of 20 images in 20 different poses and costume change, an additional 5 images will make them agree to your fee without further grumbling.

Doing this will also make your client feel that you value your working relationship with them by providing more services and will keep  you in mind next time they would want to avail a similar service again. The important thing is you perform the additional sessions during the same day or right after the pre-agreed session schedule so as to limit the extra time you will provide.

Minimize your Expenses

The best way is always to limit your photography expenses. This way you won’t have to charge much and be able to accept more jobs at a very affordable rate for most clients. Analyze if you really need those light room presets? The telephoto lens if you are mainly in portrait photography then you won’t find any use on it.

Same goes to other lens suitable for close up photography when you’re into wildlife and landscape photography. It all boils down to recognizing camera gears and equipment that you can live without, so you won’t end up spending most of your profits on unnecessary expenses. Doing so will only force you to compensate for it by charging a higher professional fee.

Live up to Client’s Expectations

The best way to entice clients to accept your professional fee without raising a howl or instigating a revolution is by having a great portfolio and living up to your client’s expectations.

If a client is unsure whether to hire you and is having apprehension in paying you your stated fee, offer some free samples and make sure you have a professional website that showcases your portfolio. This helps a lot in convincing clients that they will get what they paid for, even more if you can deliver more than what your client expects.

Your professional photographer’s fee will always depend on yourself. You can follow the average rate or you could charge more. But you could always put extra icing to it to entice more clients and make them feel you value them by giving them a more than fair deal. This will eventually translate to more profit and a bigger loyal base of clients.

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