Adorable Pictures of Kittens

Cats are adorable creatures especially in their young age when they are small and playful. Pictures of kittens are always grabs out attentions to these cute kittens. However, taking pictures for kittens is challenging because they are alway moving and playing around, which makes it hard to take a steady shot.

So, it is good to be prepared before taking images for baby kittens especially when you have only one chance to take your shot as they do not stay in one place for long time.

Taking pictures for kittens is following the same rules of pet photography and animal photography with the same level of difficulty. You can check the below articles about cat photography tips:

Prepare to Take Picture of Kittens

If you are taking pictures for kittens, do not expect them to stand still in front of the camera. They will keep jumping around. So, it is good practice to calm them down by giving them they favorite food and let them do as much activate as they can and then take the photo during their rest time.

You can also give them a toy or a ball to play with, which will give you the chance to take interesting pictures while they play and have fun.

Get Down to Their Level

Try to get down to their level while taking pictures of kittens in order to be able to get close-up pictures of kittens with the same view as they see things. The results will be more interesting and unique comparing with the normal view.

Focus on the Eye

The kitten eyes can be a very good focus point in the picture. So, try to focus on their innocent eyes to get good results.

Shutter Speed

As the kittens move around all the time, make sure to use high shutter speed in order to get steady and sharp images. The high speed for the shutter opening can help freeze the moment when taking pictures of kittens.


Keep a proper distance between you and the subject before taking pictures of kittens because they move around and sometimes, they get closer to the lens while you take the shot. Set the camera to auto-focus to gain time and avoid losing time adjusting the focus manually.


As you want the whole focus on the cute baby kittens, set the aperture to wide value such as f2.8 or f8 to create shallow depth of field. the wide aperture value helps to get blurry background and give more focus on the kittens.


Using flash will help getting better results and light condition for the picture of kittens. But if you do have one available, good source of light can be enough to do the job.


Stray kitten Rambo001a by Kpjas


Kitten by Sandra.Scherer

pictures of kittens

Sweet and tender burmese kitten by Mikael Tigerström


Cute savannah kitten III by Tambako The Jaguar


Cats and kittens no. 4 by ploftdk


Kitten by Kenichi Nobusue


Kitten Accomplished by Pen Waggener


Maine Coon kitten by Beryl McMillan


Kittens by Anna Magal


Kitten by Brian Scott

pictures of kittens

Kittens by Michaela66

pictures of kittens

Kitten by Brian Scott

pictures of kittens

Cat by Jm2c


Chaton N°1 by Joseph SARDIN


Cat by Ole Martin Bjørnli Günther

Finally, taking picture of kitten is a very experimental experience that needs you to be patient and wait for the right moment to push the camera button. So, it is good to be ready to take a shot for the right moment once it happens. The above tips can help you improve your shots and make the kitten pictures look more professional.

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