Gorgeous Pictures of Alaska

Watching the pictures of Alaska can be attractive for any photographer to take such amazing shots, not only because of the beautiful images of Alaska, but also because of our common-shared love to nature and landscape photos.

While the pictures of Alaska are so gorgeous with the compositions of sky, forest, fogs and mountains, it is very challenging and requires very good experience with landscape photography in order to catch any of the amazing moments such as the Alaska pics below.

Taking pictures of Alaska scenes requires good understanding to some tips and techniques especially if the trip is expensive and you need to return home with the best shots ever.

In addition to the landscape photography tips, you need to learn about seascape photography tips and mountain photography tips.

Generally, there are some common tips that you can consider during taking the pictures of Alaska similar to any outdoor photos. here are few of these tips:

Notice the horizontal lines in Alaska photos

If you see previous images of Alaska, you will find there is always a horizontal line that the eye can follow and determine the vanishing point in the shot. Therefor, it is good idea to consider the horizontal line in your shots.

pictures of Alaska

Alaska morning fog by Bcanepa_Photos

alaska pics

Mouth of the Matanuska Glacier – Alaska by Dhilung Kirat

Add a focal point in your composition

As every shot needs a focal point. You need to find a focal point in the pictures of Alaska. This focal point can be a mountain, frees, old house or one of the Alaskan animals similar to the Alaska pics below.

Try different composition ideas

In addition to the ordinary pictures of Alaska, you can experience different shots such as the Aurora photo below and the images of anchorage Alaska. The night photography can give you amazing composition ideas to photograph as well.

night in alaska

Alaska by Loopeehoopee

Alaskan Animals

Air Traffic Control – Homer, Alaska by Len Radin

Take the pictures of Alaska during the golden hours

Most photographers know this rules and try to get the pictures either in the very early morning or after noon to avoid the high intensity of the sun light and get warm and nice light theme over the images.

Use a tripod for steady shots

As a result for slow shutter speed, the shot may be affected with any slight movement such as you hand pushing the button of the weather around. Therefore the tripod can ensure a stead and sharp shot especially with the pictures of Alaska where the weather is unexpected.

images of alaska

Up, up up in the Brooks Range by Paxson Woelber

Alaska photos

Alaska Seasons by Black Gryph0n

landscape photos in alaska

Alaska by Rippcard

Increase the depth of field

The narrow depth of field helps you to take sharp and clear photos for the landscape of Alaska and avoid blurry pics. The narrow aperture mean that you should choose large number as the low number refers to shallow depth of field.

The narrow depth of field reduces the light of the image of Alaska, thus you may need to overcome this by increasing the ISO or slowing the shutter speed.

alaska forest  pics

Winner Creek Gorge, Alaska by LiquidDenny

Nasa photo for alaska

NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
Cleveland Volcano, Aleutian Islands, Alaska (NASA, International Space Station, 05/23/06)

The above photo is taken by NASA for an erupted volcano and the editor describes the photo as following:

Eruption of Cleveland Volcano, Aleutian Islands, Alaska is featured in this image photographed by an Expedition 13 crewmember on the International Space Station. This eruption was first reported to the Alaska Volcano Observatory by astronaut Jeffrey N. Williams, NASA space station science officer and flight engineer. This image, acquired shortly after the beginning of the eruption, captures the ash plume moving west-southwest from the summit vent. The eruption was short-lived; the plume had completely detached from the volcano summit two hours later.

images of alaska

Alaska morning by Steve Wall

The above pictures for Alaska can give you ideas and experience about the types of shots that you can take during your travel for similar places around the work.  You can also check Amazing Landscape Photography for Iceland by Jerome Berbigier, How to take Eye Catching Wildlife Photographs and Creative Ways to Shoot Winter Photos for inspiring ideas.

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