Photography Marketing Through Twitter

Twitter is another useful marketing platform for photographers to showcase their works. Almost everyone with a smartphone today has 24/7 instant access to twitter and it’s like this generation’s ticker where everyone gets their news.

No one can deny the reach and power of Twitter and is now considered as one of the favorites of both professional and pledging photographers to display their work, for both exposure and networking purposes.

Since Twitter is for free, giving it a shot is a win-win situation for you. Here are some useful tips to get you started to using this social media tool to your great benefit. These tips can surely help your in photography marketing through your own twitter page.

Tweet (Treat) Your Followers Nicely with Engaging Posts

As a photographer hoping to get serious gigs in the industry, you don’t want to turn off your followers by posting shameless and self-promotion twitter picture. Instead, tweet some of your photographs and engage a casual tweet exchange with your followers by simple asking them what caption fits your image the best. Part of the photography branding you are building relies heavily on what will you post on your twitter. Treat your followers in a nice manner by making sure you are consistently posting quality materials on your twitter.

photography marketing

Follow the Famous Photographers

Who knows when a famous photographer might take notice of you and take you under his/her wings. Connect with successful photographers through twitter; try to ignite a smart conversation about photography. Remember not to be clingy online, but just the right amount of online interaction if done correctly, might just make them connect with you as well.

photography marketing

Take Advantage of the Power of a Re-tweet!

Retweeting an interesting tweet takes only a few seconds but is worth a lot of gratitude in the social media world, especially if it comes from a photographer you admire. It can be a start of a good association between you and a photographer you follow, by simply retweeting their post and also tweeting them a link to one of your photographs posted online.

photography marketing

Advertise your Portfolio Website in Your Twitter Profile

Easiest way to attract visitors to your photography portfolio website is by linking it to your twitter profile. This is, if you always post interesting stuff with very appealing images. A visitor to your twitter profile will surely click the link directing to your website and when that happens it’s always a new prospective client going to admire your work.

Update Religiously

Never slow down with your posting updates especially when your followers have increased. Do not let your followers down by slowing down on your upload rate. Instead, try to be more consistent with posting quality works, this way it ensures continued patronage from your new found fans and it will certainly help your branding go a long way in the social media world.

Here you go! Not the most top secret of techniques in tapping the power of Twitter as a social media marketing tool, but nevertheless very effective if done continuously.

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