Michael Wolf : Remarkable Architectural Photography

Michael Wolf is one of the rare photographers that took the photography to a new level with his artwork especially the texture and architectural photography projects. Through his travels to different places around the world such as Canada, United States, Germany, Paris, Japan and China, Michael Wolf got the chance to create large number of photography projects that focus on …

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butterfly photography

Five Butterfly Photography Tips

Butterflies are gorgeous creatures and one of the great and favorable subjects for many photographers is the butterfly photography, yet these are very sensitive creatures which making it hard to photography especially with their always moving around. The rapid and quick movement for these creatures make it hard and some times frustrating to take butterfly pictures. Additionally, butterfly photography share many …

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tilt-shift photos

How to Do Tilt-Shift Photography

Do you like to shrink things? Many photos display normal buildings and streets in a miniature view comparing with its original size, you can find this effect applied especially in outdoor photography such as football games, street views, and arial building photography. The technique behind this effect is known as tilt-shift photography and it is one of the popular photography …

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Gorgeous Pictures of Alaska

Watching the pictures of Alaska can be attractive for any photographer to take such amazing shots, not only because of the beautiful images of Alaska, but also because of our common-shared love to nature and landscape photos. While the pictures of Alaska are so gorgeous with the compositions of sky, forest, fogs and mountains, it is very challenging and requires …

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Free Photoshop Actions for Photographers

There is no doubt that Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are one of the key applications for every photographer to do image editing and post-production modifications for the taken shots. However, applying the same modification to multiple photos with the same accuracy can be such a hard process and time consuming task. Thus, many Photoshop users relay on the paid and free Photoshop …

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free lightroom presets

20 Free Lightroom Presets to Improve Your Photos

In the professional world, it is better to work smarter than harder, many digital tools and features enable photographers to apply image effects more efficient than using the manual methods such as Adobe Lightroom presets and Photoshop Actions. Many photographers are moving to use Adobe Lightroom because it is more focused in the image editing unlike Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, it …

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pictures of kittens

Adorable Pictures of Kittens

Cats are adorable creatures especially in their young age when they are small and playful. Pictures of kittens are always grabs out attentions to these cute kittens. However, taking pictures for kittens is challenging because they are alway moving and playing around, which makes it hard to take a steady shot. So, it is good to be prepared before taking …

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Charming Istanbul Pictures

Every place has its own taste, ambiance and characteristics. Traveling around the world gives us unique experience that fill us with joy and happiness, but this experience starts to fade over the time and memories lose its scent. Only a good photo can help you to keep these memories alive and return to it from time to time. Istanbul pictures are …

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beautiful flowers

Cheerful Photos for Beautiful Flowers

Any beginner or professional photographer can’t resist taking shots for beautiful flowers, yet few photographs come out showing the real beauty in them. The reason can be due to the lack of experience taking this type of photos especially under the uncontrolled light and wind conditions. It does not require to be a professional photographer to take photos for the …

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light painting photography

Magical Light Painting Photography by Martin Kimbell

As e featured previous light painting photography projects, this project is unique and different as it implements the long exposure technique with a different approach. Before we try to explore this project, lets learn more about the photographer. Martin Kimbell is a photographer from Notthingham, England specialized in light painting and spots photography. Light painting is one of the long …

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guinea pig photos

Photographing Booboo: Adorable Animal Photos for a Guinea Pig by Megan Elst

Megan van der Elst is a 23 years old photographer from Netherlands that has a strong passionate to photograph everything around including animal photos. She did not realize that her guinea pig, Booboo, will be one of the world famous animals on the Internet later. Megan’s photography gear includes Canon EOS 500D and two Canon lenses 50mm/F1.4 and 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6.  She …

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Gorgeous Photos for Wildlife Animals Captured by Marina Cano

Taking photos for wildlife animals takes a lot of patience, talent and knowledge of this type of photography. Marina Cano is an extraordinary nature photographer who traveled in different countries to take amazing wildlife photos for animals in their homeland. Through her travels, she explores different types of wildlife animals and the environment they live inside. Additionally,  she takes make …

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Floto+Warner photography project

Amazing High Speed Photography Project Creates Sculpture Out of Liquid

In their photography studio, Floto+Warner Studio, Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto created a very interesting project named Clourant. The project is based on the high speed photography concept, yet the results were astonishing and eye-catching. Their project is based on throughing colorful liquid in the open air and take high speed photo shots at a 1/3500th of a second, the results …

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