Original Ideas for Still Life Photography

Still life photography seems simple but photographers know that the easiest part about it is the pressing of the shutter while leaving the rest as a puzzle case. Still life photography is extra challenging because it invites the photographer to come up with original ideas on how one will frame it. We’ve seen all sorts of still life photography angles and the worst you could do is to copy an image you’ve seen before. Baloney! You’re more creative than you ever know. Try to learn a new trick or two with these Still Life Photography tips I will discuss in this article.

Smash and Mash Things up

Making a still life object out of its natural shape brings more edge in character and presents a sculpture like image. Just make sure nobody owns that object and will make you pay for damages. Do this on still life objects that nobody owns such as tin cans, abandoned metal scraps to cite a few.

still life photography
Photo by Veniamin Skorodumov

Put on Symmetry

Mixing quirky angles with symmetry in framing your subject adds more balance and artistic detail to your still life photography. Practice using more symmetry in your future still life shots to further expand your repertoire of shots.

Go High and Low

Not all still-life subjects require to be taken at even level. A higher perspective decolorizes the existing light and creates more dramatic shadows on your subject, making it appear with more life. In contrast, shooting low can prove to be as effective.

Go Black and White

A lot of times photographers forgot about mono by over concentrating on producing colourful still-life images. Experiment with black and white to see how much flair and drama it could add to your images.

Visual Puns Intended

Be on the lookout for other surrounding still-life images that you can juxtapose into your shots. A wood knot might look like a flame if used along with another object. Always entertain the idea of dishing out visual puns once in a while.


still life photography
Photo by Andrew Vernon

Put Some Space

Do not crowd your object into a tight frame. Usually viewers would want to have extra space for their eyes to wander and the subject to have extra space to breathe. Tight framing often kills the effect and merely expresses your fine art photography as just a simple snapshot.

still life photography
Photo by Mark Burrows

Old Stuff

A rustic still life object usually provides more charm compared to the newer and modern objects. Pick out an object with almost a lifetime of use because it has more human element and creates visually engaging images.

 Color Saturation

After you experimented with black and white, a higher saturation of colors provides masterpiece material to your still-life images.

Score Interesting Stuff in Garage Sales

Some of the most interesting still-life objects are the ones owned by other people. Try to scout for garage shops and thrift shops for a great source of still-life subjects and props.

There you go. These are just some of the things you could do to further improve your still-life photography skills. Take time to continuously look for better techniques to consistently produce stunning photographs of the still-world.

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