Offline Ways to Market Your Photography

As a photographer you can’t help but get into a slump when it comes to coming up with new marketing ideas. With the advent of online technology, photographers ends up relying through online marketing all the time and neglecting the other important facet of marketing, which is reality peer-to-peer and in person marketing. Photographers meet a lot of people in their daily lives; therefore offline marketing is very vital to widen a photographer’s market. Here are some useful tips to help you – as a photographer harnesses your marketing strategies outside the World Wide Web.

Send ‘thank you cards’ of gifts to clients

Giving your clients a simple thank you card of a small token increases the level of working relationship between you and your client. This will help them remember you and increases the chances of them referring you to their friends and family. Be creative with the small gifts, try to have a collection of your past photographs embedded on small refrigerator magnets and give it to your clients as a token.

Attend photography events or simply be seen

It is important for a photographer to be seen in various events attended by fellow photographers, event organizers and prospective clients. Be ready to mingle and introduce yourself as a professional photographer and hand out your business card complete with all your contact information. Be seen and spread the word, this is basically the oldest and proven marketing technique in the world.


Create flyers or small posters

Visual aid such as flyers and small posters helps in spreading the word out. In a photographer’s case, a small artwork which features some of your favourite images can be distributed to doctor’s offices, boutiques, wedding shops, coffee shops and any establishments which have a bulletin board for inquiry ads.

Carry your camera everywhere

This could kick start a good conversation about photography and when this happens it will be very easy to introduce yourself as a professional photographer. Most clients outside the internet are met through casual conversation in real life.

Participate in fund raising events

Donate a photograph of yours in various communities fund raising event. Having your picture displayed and be put on auction for a good cause is a great way of becoming known, especially in your community.

Join other photography communities of groups

Being with fellow photographers increases your visibility; attend photo-walks and other events attended by photo enthusiast. Befriend others too as they will end up referring clients to you in case they get too many clients to handle. Make sure to return the favour as well, as this cements your professional connection with your contemporaries.

Contribute to a local magazine or newspaper

Submit a short article with your sample photographs to a local newspaper or magazine. This will increase your name recall especially to the subscribed readers. Make sure to create a catchy short profile of yours which usually appears at the end of magazine and newspaper articles.

These are some offline ways of marketing your photography services. Remember not to rely mostly through online marketing, there are still other ways to market your skills and brand as a photographer outside the world of the internet.

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