Daily Miniature Photography by Tatsuya Tanaka

Tatsuya Tanaka is an Art Director and miniature photographer from Kagoshima, Japan, and the work that he has created is detailed and contemporary in its format and concept totally.

In 2011, Tanaka started an interesting process of creating scenes of everyday life, but in miniature format. This was done on a daily basis, and Tanaka has called this his “Miniature Calendar”. This interesting concept initially started through Tanaka’s interest in taking pictures of his Diorama dolls in settings that are constructed to scale and that we all find around us in everyday life.

Since starting in 2011, Tanaka has now created over 1000 miniature scenes and its safe to say that this has now become a long-term project and one that remains close to Tanaka’s heart.

The original concept was conceived when Tanaka received a post on Instagram from a follower who requested seeing a miniature calendar everyday. This idea was too good for Tanaka to pass up on and from this, “Miniature Calendars” was born.



Through this process Tanaka was able to photograph his diorama dolls, which of course he loved doing, but later found the way in which he could liken one thing to another just as appealing in its nature, and now Tanaka has no interest in stopping creating these miniature marvels. When viewing the calendars, it can be seen that Tanaka has developed a very unique style of not only photographing and capturing the small scenes, but also the way in which the tiny scenes are created and the diorama dolls are setup up.



One of the most crucial concepts of Tanakas creations is the way in which a normal or boring object can be taken and made to be fun when viewed in a different way, and Tanaka explains that its very important that both young and old viewers should both be able to appreciate his work For this reason Tanaka has chosen to use familiar objects that well all know and see, so that viewers of all ages can appreciate his work and make the connections intended by Tanaka.




One of the hardest things since starting in 2011 must be creating new ideas, and given that this project is now in its fifth year, this would be a strain for most creative geniuses. When looking at the miniature calendars, they have managed to retain their creativity and ingenuity, which helps keep Tanakas followers and new viewers engaged with his work.  The way in which everyday items are used is done so that both meanings intended by Tanaka can be understood clearly and quickly. Examples of this include the way in which green straws can obviously be seen, but when viewing in conjunction with the diorama dolls, suddenly become tall, vivid green bamboo.




Tanakas work in genius in its concept, and is a great example of what a photographer is able to do with those simple objects that can be found around he house. Not only this, but the fact that Tanaka has been continuing this project for 5 years is impressive and is a testament to the imagination and creativity that Tanaka must posses. Many photographers struggle when finding new material and can exhaust current material very quickly, eagerly looking for new subject matter. Tanaka is an example of how persistence, imagination and ingenuity can create outstanding photography that is fun to look at and that engages it viewers on all levels.

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