How to Market Your Photoshop Using Instagram

Social media has now become a major marketing tool for products and services such as photography. One can easily take advantage of social media to further advance word of online reputation of your photography career.

By posting images on your social media sites such as Instagram, this provides additional exposure for you and opportunity for new viewers to come across your works.

Here are the leading ways on how you – as a fledging photographer, can harness the power of social media through uploading your works at Instagram, a photo-sharing application available mainly on all of today’s leading mobile phones.

1. Learn How To Use Instagram for Business

Be sure to regularly check Instagram for Business blog, as this offers useful tips on how to effectively milk Instagram for more brand exposure and marketability.

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2. Make  Business-related Images More Interesting

Try creating a story on an image promoting a product or a services your company is offering. Accompany it with a witty caption that gives a clear relationship between your company and the subject of the image. If it’s an image of a puppy, which is sure to generate many likes, I’m sure anyone can come up with a smart short photo description describing both.

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3. Develop a Large Following

For maximum exposure via your Instagram page, make sure to try out these top recommendations:

  • Connect your Instagram to your Facebook account – this will make it possible for your Facebook friends to also see pictures being posted from your Instagram account.
  • Remember the smart way of using popular and trending hash tags to further help the exposure of your branding in the field of e-Commerce.
  • Do what others do unto you. Follow and “like” photographs of your followers / friends. This will give you an opportunity to catch up with your friend’s post and at the same time cultivate followers that will become loyal customers in the future.

4. Videos

Instagram has recently launched its Video on Instagram. In a serious threat to Vine, Instagram’s videos launches often offers a better platform. You could also use take advantage of this to highlight your products and other projects.

5. Follow Your Followers Back

This is a simple courtesy but an unwritten rule between e-Commerce website owners and website users. Just by following back your followers, you can have additional mentions and because of this, your social media marketing becomes bigger.

photography marketing

6. Schedule and Limit Your Posts

Instagram often does not have a place for multiple posters – meaning they post images of them doing anything random, doing so you risk alienating some of your customers. Why not try to schedule each posts per day? Don’t “feed speed” your Instagram contacts by annoying the wits out of them by constantly showing one picture minute.

These are just some of the ways or guidelines a fledging photographer should follow in order for them to effectively use social media such as Instagram as one of their marketing tools.

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