Making Money through Photo Blogging

The number of photo blogs is growing enormously each day. Though photo blogging has not gone too far yet compared to traditional blogging, it is slowly becoming a great way to make money as well. For it to become a widespread phenomenon is not far from happening. As you can see by now, even mobile phones have powerful camera settings – anyone can post photos online without any hassles.

On the other hand, Google Panda update only proves that text content is still the gauge for a blog’s worth. This means that photo blogging has a slimmer chance of making it in the rankings unless (and only if) they provide good content and give more time for search engine optimization and link building.

This should not stop you from building up your money making photo blogging ventures ! As you can notice, social media marketing is making waves these days. It’s one of the strongest tools in getting your blog loved by Google. If you do great at interactions and responsiveness to followers, you have greater chances as well.

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Still determined to start monetizing your photo blog? Here are some tips and thoughts you may want to look into:

Smart Use of Social Media

As of this moment, most business blog owners use Social Media Marketing to take a leap. Flickr, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram… these are giants when it comes to photo posts. For you to take advantage of social media and photo gallery sites, you need to update regularly, need to socialize (comment, respond, connect) regularly as well. Posting your photos in group pages and the like is also a smart way to magnet interaction and attention to your blog.

Tip: If you can write down an interesting caption for photo blogging site and make use of hashtags for Facebook as well as Instagram, you’ll do wonders.

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Pick a Distinctive Theme for Photo Blogging Site

If you want to grow readership, pick a distinctive them and stick with it. A general blog may lose direction along the way and it can’t give you a lot of loyal followers. As you do this, take into account using a list of specific keywords and tags. For example, if you choose travel photography, those who are into travelling and backpacking would surely develop a fascination for your photo blog (yes, and even those who are dreaming about travel but could not do it any time soon!).

Tip: See to it that you are sticking to a theme that is very close to your passion. Something that you will never tired of talking about or of photographing about.

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Take advantage of the “Alt Tag”

Though you are not able to write a lot of texts, it does not mean that you can’t optimize your photo blogging posts at all. Make use of the ‘alt tag’ smartly as well as the right meta tags. When you post a photo in your blog, pay attention to the needed details like title, caption, alt text and description – provide correct details.

Tip: Do a bit of research on how to optimize your photos. It’s an exciting part of acquiring new knowledge too!

Interact, respond, connect

Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon photo blogs that have disabled their commenting. For reasons of web design and over-all look, some bloggers decide to do this. On the other hand, this is not a smart move for monetizing. The more you add personality and direct communication to readers, the more they’ll have reasons to go back, read and follow. Be ready to answer some questions, give thanks to compliments and be generous to follow back.

Tip: the more you build connections, the greater the chances are of getting your photos shared or re-posted and re-blogged.

If someone asks to post your photo somewhere else, be sure to mention that they have to mention your blog url as well.

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Keep your creativity

Though you are also after the money, never let the magic of your images be compromised. Remember that above anything else, you are an artist in your own right. You are remembered by your brand of creativity so never give up on the idea of becoming better each day. A photograph can change something in a viewer – that’s how powerful you are. When you produce great snaps, people will not only adore you for your talent but for your vision.

Tip: Challenge yourself always. There are thousands of photo bloggers – once you catch attention through a beautiful or touching or unique photo, there’s no stopping. You’ll surely get recognized globally.

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Use display ads by Google or In-Image Advertising

Google Adsense offers various type of ads. If your blog does not have much text, opt for display ads. Explore Image Space Media, Ads in Images, Gum Gum, Embed Anything and so forth – these are means of In-Image advertising. Both ways can let you earn money via your blog.

Do take note of these tips. When you are passionate about your art, you can surely attract following. Balance it with determination and research to drive more traffic your way. Never forget too that – sometimes, it just even takes one photo to go viral. Then, your life changes.

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