Magical Light Painting Photography by Martin Kimbell

As e featured previous light painting photography projects, this project is unique and different as it implements the long exposure technique with a different approach.

Before we try to explore this project, lets learn more about the photographer. Martin Kimbell is a photographer from Notthingham, England specialized in light painting and spots photography.

Light painting is one of the long exposure photography techniques that uses the very slow or always-open shutter to expose the low light source or display the motion of the light source.

Usually, the light painting is created by letting the photographer assistance to move a light source in front of the slow shutter camera allowing the camera to exposure the light. Also check (Light Painting Photography: Extraodernary Examples).

long exposure photos

long exposure photos

long exposure photos

In his project, Martin Kimbell uses hoops that are lined with LED light and throw these hoops in the air and take the shot while they move in a random way. The results are very impressive and interesting.

Martin expired different method to throw the hoops in different places and with different ways to produce various of effects. Adding other light sources help to create a more dramatic light painting photographs.

Martin Kimbell photography

Martin Kimbell photography

The challenge in the light painting photography is to maintain the shot stability while the shutter is open for a long time. This can be managed using a steady tripod and remote control. Check (Wonderful Light Painting Photography by Julien Breton).

Martin Kimbell photography

light painting photography

You can explore more of Martin Kimbell’s photographs and projects in his website and Flickr profile.

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