Amazing landscape photography for Iceland by Jerome Berbigier

Landscape photography gives us the opportunity to explore the beauty of our mother Earth and the places we never visited before as we will see in the following examples (check Travel Photography Tips). Jérôme Berbigier is a French photographer born in Loire Valley.

He moved to Australia in 2007 and started his photography life in the same year. His life in the Atlantic Ocean and Sydney helped to build a strong connection between him and the landscape and seascape around this area in the world.

Traveling allowed him to take landscape photography for different locations. Jérôme is an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

In 2012, Jérôme visited Iceland and got the chance to capture amazing landscape photos for this isolated part of the world. He took photos for the seascape, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and other amazing sightseeing in this gorgeous place (check Rural Photography – Commune, Capture, Get Captivated).

Iceland landscape

Jérôme Berbigier’s landscape photography project provides very good example to this type of photography and the ideas that can inspire you in your next project. Most of the photos are using a narrow depth of field that allows capturing far objects clearly. As this type of photography may requires a slow shutter speed, the tripod is an essential gear to ensure steady shot during the exposing time (check Tips for Seascape Photography).

landscape photography

landscape photos


Using the basic composition rules can help you capture good photos such as finding a focal point to be the center element of interest in the shot such as a mountain, tree and rock…etc. (check Mountain Photography Tips)

iceland photos

iceland landscape

The human eye perceive the continuation line in the visual photo based on the Gestalt principles. So, you need to think in the lines in the scene and consider taking your shot to allow viewer eye to follow the lines in the shot.

In addition to the above tips, Jérôme’s photos are covered with color themes that gives it a dramatic effect. You can achieve this by choosing the suitable time and weather t take the shot such as the golden hours in the early mooring or the sunset time.

iceland photos

landscape photography

Jérôme Berbigier’s photos are available on his website in addition to his Flickr and Facebook profiles. You can also order printed copies of his work upon request.

If you like to learn more about landscape photography, you can check the Photography Basics section or the following photography ebooks:

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