Just Dew It: Dew Photography Tips

Dew photography creates a magical effect on photos that it has become one of the most sought after natural setting for most outdoor photographers.

So, next time you wake up look out of your window to see your green lawn covered in daybreak dew, glistening in the daylight you need to get out of bed and start taking awesome dew.

In case you missed the morning dew, do not fret as using spray bottle can produce similar effects on your plants and flowers. To be able to capture perfect images, here are some tips on how to capture dew photography.

Gears You Need

A macro lens for DSLR users is a must as you need to be shooting as close as possible to your subjects. Compact camera users need to just switch to the macro mode (represented by a flower icon on the mode knob) to let the camera focus on subjects that are close. A tripod with center column which can be tilted upside down or horizontally or a beanbag is the ideal camera gear companion for dew photography.

A remote release can also help you produce a clear image of subjects with dew as even the slightest touch upon pressing the shutter button can create enough shake to distort your image. Otherwise, a two or ten-second timer also gives you sufficient time to press the shutter without producing camera shake.

Blurred Background Effect

A middle-range aperture can provide you a decent depth of field, tossing the background out of focus while your subject remains super-sharp. Bear in mind your shutter speed as you would not want to produce a blurred over-all photo see here now. Experiment with a bigger aperture too but if you see that it blurs the image more than you prefer then just change the aperture size.

dew photography tips

How to Focus

Direct your main focus on the dew drop so you can get a pleasant and clear shot of the dews. Doing this you will sacrifice some sharpness on the foreground but that’s okay as long as the dew drop(s) will not be blurred.

Refraction Photography

Drops of dew falling down to the edges of grass already look great but there is another simple photography trick in order to insert another image inside the dew drop. This is called Refraction Photography. In order to do this, you need another grass blade or flower and place it behind your subject till you can view it from your viewfinder as seen as if it was inside the dew drop. Remember that the image you see is reversed when seen in the dew drop, so if you prefer to place the object on the center that is to the left you must move it further to the right.

dew photography tips

Photo by Lief Westling

This is fairly easy image to shoot as you just need to start with finding a tall grass in a field on a dew-filled morning. Once you selected a nice looking blade of grass covered with dew drops, cautiously place your tripod and camera up close to fill the frame so you will easily see the dew drops.  Uses a Plamp with one end fastened on your tripod while the other end is held onto the stem of your selected flower, and place it right behind the drops of dew.  The nearer the flower is to the dew drops the bigger the flower will seem to be, and the farther away, the slighter it will appear in the dew.  Once you maintain the right placement of the flower, adjust your f/stop in the lower range such as between the f/3.5 to f/5.6.  Then place your point of focus on the flower in the dew drops, this will make the shallow depth of field to blur or soften the flower.  You might want to avoid producing too many details on the flower because the dewdrop is what you want the viewers to notice.

See, dew drops photography is very easy and another way of expanding your artistry in the field of photography. Start widening your knowledge about photography and what better way is to also master the art of dew photography.

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