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Every place has its own taste, ambiance and characteristics. Traveling around the world gives us unique experience that fill us with joy and happiness, but this experience starts to fade over the time and memories lose its scent. Only a good photo can help you to keep these memories alive and return to it from time to time. Istanbul pictures are all over the Internet showing the beauty of this place, but if you already went their, you will find few of these images are truly reflecting the taste of the place.

Taking good travel photographs such as the Istanbul images below can be challenging for many, but if you learn some easy travel photography tips, this can help you to take great photos that document the great moments in Istanbul. First things first, you need to do a good research about the city before thinking in the photography techniques and gear. Here are some tips that allows your do a useful research:

  • Check other photographers experience about the place and the places appeared in their photos
  • Try to stay in a place in the center of the city to be able to capture pictures of Istanbul day activities
  • Move around the places slowly in order to get Istanbul pictures for as many places as you can

Most photographers do not travel with heavy gear in order to help them to move around. So, you camera and two lenses can be enough to take good Istanbul pictures as the below photos.


Galata, Istanbul by Cihan


Istanbul by Ottoman611

Getting early to the scene you would like to photograph can help you get stunning results especially with the weather and quite time that helps you to take your shots as the photos above show. You can also take the photos in the golden hours in the early morning and before the sunset to get warm photo results as the image below.


Istanbul by Idilsalihakuntuz


Istanbul by Moyan Brenn


Another a composition of Istanbul/2013 by G.OZCAN

Try to focus on one object at a time similar to the Istanbul pictures above. This will help removing the distractions and keep memories of the place. You can also try different photography angles such as the Santa Sofia mosque below.


Istanbul. Santa Sofia. Nau central by Pilar Torres


Istanbul |7 by Barbara Piancastelli


Snow In Istanbul by Dilemmanya


Istanbul by Lady-Gigi


Istanbul – Taksim by POTPeace


Istanbul Morning by Happy kiddo 4 ever

You can experience taking photos for different times in the year as the above photos show. Winter Istanbul pictures can be very different in each time of the year as Turkey has a unique place that allows you to enjoy each season in a different way.


Istanbul Aqueduct by Enric Archivell


Ceiling by Kai Zau


The old streets of Istanbul by Gökhan Erduran

Istanbul streets are great subject to take amazing photos especially the old streets such as the above photo. You can take amazing Istanbul images in these streets and stole amazing moment for places and people photos.


Blue Mosque by Tejaswi Yerukalapudi


Istanbul. Mesquita de Solimà el Magnífic (Suleymaniye) by Pilar Torres

Istanbul pictures show much the city is rich with places that can be a good subject for any photographer to capture very interesting images. The import thing is to feel the place and try to reflect its beauty in your photos.

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