Incredible Children Photography by a Father of Two Sons

Parents like to take photos for their kids yet the children photography is very challenging (Newborn Photography Tips for Cute Baby Photos). Wisely Armson is a father of two adorable boys who were a very good subject to take amazing children photography.

He puts the kids in different dreamy and funny scenes and customs such as wearing super hero clothes, setting in a toy plane or a toy car.

These interesting scenes gave his photos a newly creative approach comparing with the previous children photography projects (also check Alicia Gould’s Newborn Portraits – Innocence, Tenderness and Magic).

Wesely Armson is a amateur photographer beside his work as a project manager in the oil and petroleum industry. His two children Skyleer and Maddox were his models and this project had a significant impact to take his photography skills to a professional level.

kids photos

children photography

“When they first smiled, had a little laugh, or had a sneeze the moment was so precious. I’d sometimes close my eyes and mentally try to store away the moment and the feeling of tremendous joy. The thing that I most enjoy about photographing my own children is that the photos help me remember those moments and those feelings,” said Wesley during a recent interview.

baby photos

children photography

Taking great children photography is not that easy as it looks like, children at this age are hard to control as they are very active and always moving while you need to prepare your scene for shooting. The photo composition is an important factor as well as the shooting angle. The composition and choosing the creative scene can turn your children photography into an amazing project, check Super Creative Mom Takes Themed Photos of Sleeping Son.

baby photos

If you are planning to take children photos for your own kids, you can consider the following few tips that can help you reach professional results (How to Compose Unique Kids Photographs):

  • Have patience as kids are always moving around so you will need to wait until you find the right moment to take the shot.
  • Use high shutter speed as the kids are always moving quickly, a high shutter speed such as 1/200 can help you get sharp results.
  • Focus on the face and eye to display the childish look and for the kids
  • Use Shallow depth of field to focus on the children and avoid background distraction
  • Get down to their level to take shots from their perspective . You can try other poses and angles of this help take unusual shots.
  • Use natural light or try the flash to get better light condition in the image especially if you are using a high shutter speed.
  • Take dynamic shots that reflection the active nature of children, the shot can tell a story or reflect their movement.
  • Use the burst mode that allows you to take multiple shots in the same time, which will help you catch the perfect moment from the taken shots.
  • Let them run the photo session. Do not limit the kids movement because this will be reflected badly on he final photo, try to direct them smoothly to your desired pose instead.


In addition to the above tips, projects like Wesley photos can be find in many places around the Internet and it can be a very good source of inspiration for your next session.

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